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How to do the right thing in the workplace: Stop thinking it’s hard

June 7, 2019

When it comes to honesty at work, it seems that some choose the path of least resistance. How…
Study links work burnout and weight gain

June 5, 2019

A new study from the University of Georgia has found that feeling overworked contributes to a variety of unhealthy…
Why a four-day workweek is not good for your health

May 27, 2019

Many employers and employees love the thought of a four-day workweek. Supposedly, a four-day work schedule allows workers extra…
How Unstable Work Schedules Affect Individuals and Families

May 22, 2019

“A lot of the instability in family life comes from uncertainty about time,” says sociology professor Kristen Harknett, of…
Study: Wellness Programs Do Little to Improve Health, Lower Spending

April 18, 2019

Workplace wellness programs have been touted as a powerful tool that can make employees healthier and more productive…
Be yourself at work — it’s healthier and more productive

February 26, 2019

At work, it’s healthier and more productive just to be yourself, according to a new study from Rice…
Is your office messy? If so, you may be seen as uncaring, neurotic

November 29, 2018

An extremely messy personal space seems to lead people to believe the owner of that space is more…
How job candidates show their emotions may result in hiring disparities, workplace bias

July 12, 2018

Job applicants who want to appear calm and collected might be at a disadvantage. According to a new…
Workplace anxiety can be good or bad for your performance

April 17, 2018

Are you nervous about your job? Do you think this work anxiety makes you a better or worse…
Why a standing desk is no fix for sitting too much at work

February 26, 2018

Standing desks—the up-and-down workstations that let us take a break from sitting at work all day—aren’t going to…
Workplace Mental Health Care Is Hot for 2018 (Infographic)

December 26, 2017

As 2018 approach, the Boss Magazine has identified Top workplace health trends employers are recommended to keep track…
Telecommuting extends the work week, at little extra pay

January 19, 2017

In labor circles, telecommuting has been hailed as a boon, giving employees the flexibility to work outside the…
Does chemical exposure in the workplace affect hearing?

March 4, 2015

With one in six Australians recording some form of auditory loss, a new study by The University of…
Isolation from technology and social networks hikes risk of labor trafficking

February 27, 2015

Migrant workers isolated from technology and social networks are more vulnerable to human trafficking, forced labor and exploitation.…
Workplace negativity can hurt productivity

February 26, 2015

Employees who point out problems in the office may help the company improve, but could be hurting themselves…
Study: Workplace diversity can help the bottom line

October 8, 2014

Gender diversity in the workplace helps firms be more productive, according to a new study co-authored by an…
Will standing at work be the next big thing?

August 18, 2014

Ernest Hemingway once said: “Writing and travel broaden your ass if not your mind and I like to…
Go to work to improve your mental health

May 22, 2014

Ask most people where they should learn about good mental health and they would be pretty unlikely to…
Some see work as a calling, others say it’s just a job

November 15, 2013

Why does one person see work primarily as a means to a paycheck, while another sitting in the…
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