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Place in US where even WiFi is illegal

October 29, 2019

Green Bank is a small town in West Virginia, USA. It is a fairly quiet place. Population of…
When WiFi is weak, send noise instead

October 24, 2019

When WiFi was designed, it was intended for high-speed data communications. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers…
Can a home WiFi router act as a medical sensing device?

May 11, 2018

The three-year project, starting in October 2018, will extend the current SPHERE (Sensor Platform for HEalthcare in a Residential Environment)…
In first, 3-D printed objects connect to WiFi without electronics

December 14, 2017

Imagine a bottle of laundry detergent that can sense when you’re running low on soap — and automatically…
X-Ray Eyes in the Sky

June 21, 2017

Researchers at UC Santa Barbara professor Yasamin Mostofi’s lab have given the first demonstration of three-dimensional imaging of…
Wireless Innovation for a Networked Society (WINS) Challenges

March 25, 2017

The National Science Foundation is sponsoring two challenges powered by Mozilla. Our goal: support big ideas that keep…
Interscatter communication enables first-ever implanted devices, smart contact lenses, credit cards that ‘talk’ Wi-Fi

August 22, 2016

University of Washington researchers have introduced a new way of communicating that allows devices such as brain implants,…
IoT HAT for Raspberry Pi

April 13, 2016

Pi Zero and previous Raspberry Pi models do not have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in. IoT HAT – is Internet-of-Things Hardware Attached on…
Pocket-sized Wireless Foldable Keyboard

April 12, 2016

Wekey Pocket is a pocket-sized wireless foldable keyboard. It has a thickness of under 0.24 in when folded measuring around…
Wi-Fi hub for headphones and speakers

March 31, 2016

HUB is a Wi-Fi audio hub for headphones and speakers. It lets you instantly share wireless audio with multiple simultaneous…
Healthcare security with the wave of a wand

March 2, 2016

Increasingly, health care is moving out of the doctor’s office and into the home, allowing greater patient freedom…
Engineers achieve Wi-Fi at 10,000 times lower power

February 24, 2016

The upside of Wi-Fi is that it’s everywhere – invisibly connecting laptops to printers, allowing smartphones to make…
New System Allows for Wi-Fi at 10.000 Times Lower Power

February 24, 2016

A team of engineers from the University of Washington may have come close to solving one of the…
Smart Photo Storage Device

February 22, 2016

Monument is a smart photo storage device that stores photo and automatically organizes it by time, location, faces and…
MicroPython Triple-network Dev Platform

February 3, 2016

LoPy is a MicroPython triple-network dev platform which doubles up as a LoRa Nano gateway. LoRa is a…
Living in the ‘90s? So are underwater wireless networks

January 26, 2016

Like Beanie Babies and Steve Urkel, the systems we use to transmit information through water bring to mind…
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensing from mobile devices may help improve bus service

January 22, 2016

On any given bus ride, a good share of passengers are reading, texting or rocking out to music…
Credit Card PIN Number Could Be Stolen Over Wifi

December 30, 2015

A team of security researchers in Germany found, that any card data may be stolen right off the…
Live Streaming Paper Airplane

November 20, 2015

PowerUp FPV is a paper airplane drone with a live streaming camera. Wearing your smartphone with a head-mounted display, you see…
‘Power Over Wi-Fi’ named one of the year’s game-changing technologies

November 19, 2015

University of Washington engineers have developed a novel technology that uses a Wi-Fi router — a source of…
WiFi Remote Management Module

November 19, 2015

Remoteboot is a hardware remote management console that allows you to monitor the  activity of a desktop computer and…
Wireless Robotic Finger Pushes The Button

November 12, 2015

Microbot Push is a wireless robotic finger to push all the buttons. It attaches on any button, since then, you can…
Echo-less light observed for first time

October 16, 2015

Scientists from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Ultrahigh bandwith Devices for optical Systems have created states of light…
In-Flight Wi-Fi: Staying Connected in the Clouds

October 16, 2015

How much do you prefer to remain connected while travelling by plane? A recent survey, commissioned by Icelandair,…
Researchers develop key component for terahertz wireless

September 18, 2015

Terahertz waves, operating at a much higher frequency than microwaves, could one day be used to carry data…
Say It With Light: Using LEDs to Move Data Faster

July 4, 2015

It’s like using fiber optics to communicate – only without the fiber. Imagine connecting to the Internet through…
UK researchers aim to develop ways to control and charge robots remotely

June 30, 2015

Researchers at three top UK universities are developing new ways to simultaneously power and communicate with robots and…
Solar-Powered Palm Trees

June 16, 2015

There are only two Smart Palms installed in Dubai right now, but there are plans to roll out a…
Wireless WiFi Portable Sound System

June 16, 2015

AxiomAir is a wireless Wifi portable sound system that plays loud and clean, can be controlled from any device. It creates its…
Counting People With WiFi

June 11, 2015

Researchers in UC Santa Barbara professor Yasamin Mostofi’s lab are proving that wireless signals can do more than…
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