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Origin of deadly wheat pathogen revealed

November 11, 2019

Stem rust is a devastating wheat disease that has caused famines and undermined economies around the world for…
Cereal killer’s deadly touch could lead to new wheat threat

November 8, 2019

Scientists have uncovered the origins of the world’s deadliest strain of cereal rust disease which threatens global food…
Wheat harvest at the ARS Central Great Plains Research Station in Akron, Colorado. Illustration by Scott Bauer/ARS USDA
Helping Wheat and Corn Producers Target their Fertilizer Needs

July 17, 2019

A few years ago, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists in Akron, Colorado began noticing a pattern to their…
Another myth debunked – modern wheat does not rely on chemicals more heavily than older varieties

June 18, 2019

People today are suspicious of everything. And it’s probably a good thing – there is a lot of…
New research accurately predicts Australian wheat harvests months in advance

May 29, 2019

Topping the list of Australia’s major crops, wheat is grown on more than half the country’s croplands and…
Targeting how fungi ‘taste’ wheat could be key to developing control

April 25, 2019

Scientists believe new control strategies for Fusarium Head Blight could be developed by targeting how the fungus ‘tastes’…
New plant genome cloning method promises to bust rust, other diseases in wheat

February 11, 2019

A new method for discovering and cloning genes could accelerate the development of rust resistance in wheat and…
The Wheat Genome Is Five Times Bigger than the Human Genome

August 17, 2018

Scientists at the University of Zurich, together with international research partners, have been able to sequence the complete…
Drugs used to treat human brain can help building stress-resistant crops

April 7, 2018

It is not that uncommon for some specialized medicine to be found useful in treating other diseases. It…
Scientists poised to win the race against rust disease and beyond

February 28, 2018

In a race to prevent and control rust disease epidemics, scientists have positioned themselves to better understand how…
Breakthrough pulls science ahead in race against devastating wheat disease

December 29, 2017

For the first time ever, scientists are gaining ground in the race against wheat stem rust, a pathogen…
Wheat disease breakthrough to help feed the world

December 27, 2017

Famine may be largely a thing of the past but in recent years the re-emergence of a disease…
Wheat gets boost from purified nanotubes

December 7, 2017

The introduction of purified carbon nanotubes appears to have a beneficial effect on the early growth of wheatgrass,…
Genome of Wheat Ancestor Sequenced

November 16, 2017

Sequencing the bread wheat genome has long been considered an almost insurmountable task, due to its enormous size…
Scientists found a gene, which will help increasing production of wheat – this is crucial for our survival

October 13, 2017

Humans are not hunters-gatherers anymore. We are farmers and thus we must find ways to increase the volume…
Unique wheat discovery in Bronze Age lunch box

July 31, 2017

In a wooden container found in the Bernese Alps in 2012, a researcher from the Max Planck Institute…
Wild Wheat Genome Sequencing Provides “Time Tunnel” Capable of Boosting Future

July 7, 2017

A global team of researchers has published the first-ever Wild Emmer wheat genome sequence in Science magazine. Wild…
Wheat genome decoded to enhance food security

April 25, 2017

University of Western Australia researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology have published the…
Researchers recreate wild crops for the beer of the future

April 5, 2017

Barley and wheat are highly improved crops, and they are the two most produced crops in Denmark. It…
Unique wheat passes the test

March 29, 2017

Stronger legs in fast-growing broilers, reduced phosphorus emissions to the environment, improved health for undernourished populations in developing…
New Test Genetically IDs Fungal Wheat Threat

December 5, 2016

A team of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and university scientists has developed a sensitive new assay method…
Ancient genes to protect modern wheat

March 29, 2016

Scientists from The University of Queensland are undertaking world-first research into ancient wheats to ensure the crop’s future.…
Scientists create first map of the wheat epigenome

December 14, 2015

Scientists at the University of Liverpool have carried out the first ever genome-wide survey of heritable molecular changes…
Wheat disease-resistance gene identified, potential to save billions

November 10, 2015

An international team of scientists has identified a gene that can prevent some of the most significant wheat…
£1.2M to improve wheat yields for farmers across the world

November 4, 2015

Scientists from the University of Liverpool have been awarded £1.2 million to lead international food security research into…
Research finds how to increase wheat yield during drought in rainfed environments

September 16, 2015

Farmers in climates where late-season drought occurs frequently may be able to increase wheat yield, according to research…
Liverpool scientists to uncover DNA modification of wheat genome

June 10, 2015

Scientists at the University of Liverpool are working to decode DNA modifications, known as ‘epigenetic marks’, in the…
Boutique bread just a gene away for Aussie farmers

May 27, 2015

Australian farmers can look forward to growing a boutique, high-yield wheat that is adapted to local conditions –…
Global Warming to Cut Wheat Yields by Up to 40%

May 13, 2015

Wheat, one of the most important sources of nutrition that formed the backbone of human civilization for thousands…
UQ research shows wheat could be drought-proof

April 9, 2015

A University of Queensland scientist has developed a method to help grain growers become more resilient to expected…
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