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Thinnest Optical Waveguide Channels Light Within Just Three Layers of Atoms

August 12, 2019

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed the thinnest optical device in the world—a waveguide…
Image credit: ITMO University
Inkjet printers can produce cheap micro-waveguides for optical computers

November 21, 2018

Scientists from ITMO University have proposed a new technology for creating optical micro-waveguides using inkjet printing. Using this…
Capturing light in a waveguide array

June 13, 2018

Cheaper and more efficient photonic devices, such as lasers, optical fibers, and other light sources, may be possible…
A zero-index waveguide

October 16, 2017

In 2015, researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) developed the first on-chip metamaterial with…
Conformal metasurface coating eliminates crosstalk and shrinks waveguides

August 28, 2017

The properties of materials can behave in funny ways. Tweak one aspect to make a device smaller or…
Transparent silver: Tarnish-proof films for flexible displays, touch screens, metamaterials

March 22, 2017

The thinnest, smoothest layer of silver that can survive air exposure has been laid down at the University…
Soap bubbles as a research template for advanced ultra-thin materials

December 22, 2014

How about making some soap bubbles, anyone? As simple as it may seem the soap bubbles present a…
Quantum Photon Properties Revealed in Another Particle—the Plasmon

April 4, 2014

For years, researchers have been interested in developing quantum computers—the theoretical next generation of technology that will outperform…
A Frequency Conversion Interface to the Telecommunications Band Using Nanophotonics

December 18, 2013

Using nanofabricated waveguides in a silicon-based platform, researchers from the NIST Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST) have developed…
50 Meters of Optical Fiber Shrunk to the Size of Microchips

November 28, 2013

Long coils of optical waveguides any structure that can guide light, like conventional optical fiber can be used…
Scientists spin photons to send light in one direction

April 23, 2013

Researchers at King’s College London have achieved previously unseen levels of control over the travelling direction of electromagnetic…
Forget about leprechauns, engineers are catching rainbows

February 21, 2013

University at Buffalo engineers have created a more efficient way to catch rainbows, an advancement in photonics that…
Light propagation on a chip like shopping before christmas

October 30, 2012

High frequency electromagnetic waves such as light are quite hard to deal with, when trying to perfect light-based…
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