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The Surprising Possibility That There are Still Active Volcanoes on Venus

January 6, 2020

Despite the similarities our world has with Venus, there is still much don’t know about Earth’s “Sister planet”…
Iron Magma Could Explain Psyche’s Density Puzzle

September 25, 2019

Volcanism has always intrigued humanity. Less than 50 years ago, scientists discovered cryovolcanism – ice volcanoes on other…
USGS to Install New Volcano Early Detection and Monitoring Stations at Mount Hood–Improving Early Detection

September 19, 2019

During the week of Sept. 23, the U.S. Geological Survey Cascades Volcano Observatory, in cooperation with the U.S.…
Io’s Largest Volcano, Loki, Erupts Every 500 Days. Any Day Now, It will Erupt Again.

September 19, 2019

Jupiter’s moon Io is in stark contrast to the other three Galilean moons. While Callisto, Ganymede, and Europa…
Kīlauea lava fuels phytoplankton bloom off Hawai‘i Island

September 12, 2019

When Kīlauea Volcano erupted in 2018, it injected millions of cubic feet of molten lava into the nutrient-poor…
The ‘universal break-up criterion’ of hot, flowing lava

September 2, 2019

Thomas Jones’ “universal break-up criterion” won’t help with meltdowns of the heart, but it will help volcanologists study…
International research team solve ‘hot spot’ debate

August 8, 2019

Walking on a field of lava on the Pacific coast near Kalapana on the Big Island of Hawaii…
How do you forecast eruptions at volcanoes that sit “on the cusp” for decades?

August 7, 2019

Some volcanoes take their time—experiencing protracted, years-long periods of unrest before eventually erupting. This makes it difficult to…
Researchers solve ‘hot spot’ debate

August 5, 2019

Volcanic hot spots such as the ones that created the Hawaiian Islands have long been considered stationary points,…
A Stanford geophysicist discusses how machine learning can illuminate the planet’s inner workings

March 26, 2019

Scientists seeking to understand Earth’s inner clockwork have deployed armies of sensors listening for signs of slips, rumbles,…
Volcano cliffs can affect monitoring data, study finds

March 25, 2019

New research led by the University of East Anglia (UEA) and co-authored by the University of Bristol reveals…
There’s Evidence that Mars is Still Volcanically Active

February 14, 2019

A new study shows that Mars may very well be volcanically active. Nobody’s seen direct evidence of volcanism;…
Which U.S. volcanoes pose a threat?

December 27, 2018

As part of its program of keeping officials and the public apprised of volcanic threats, the USGS periodically…
Researchers discover deepest known underwater volcanic eruption

October 24, 2018

A team of researchers has documented a recent volcanic eruption on the Mariana back-arc in the western Pacific…
How magma climbs the crustal ladder between eruptions

October 19, 2018

Eruption patterns in a New Zealand volcanic system reveal how the movement of magma rising through the crust…
Volcano researcher learns how Earth builds supereruption-feeding magma systems

October 14, 2018

To figure out where magma gathers in the earth’s crust and for how long, Vanderbilt University volcanologist Guilherme Gualda and…
Joseph Manning wins major NSF grant to study climate change, human history link

September 25, 2018

A Yale-led project examining the link between explosive volcanic eruptions and the annual Nile river summer flooding in…
From crystals to climate: New ‘gold standard’ timeline connects volcanic eruptions to climate change

September 20, 2018

About 16 million years ago, this happened. Lava erupted in pulses, ultimately burying the region to the height…
Volcanic activity, declining ocean oxygen triggered mass extinction of ancient marine organisms

June 18, 2018

Global climate change, fueled by skyrocketing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, is siphoning oxygen from today’s oceans at…
Stanford expert describes Hawaii’s most active volcano and the science behind the latest eruptions

May 11, 2018

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has been oozing lava for more than three decades. But in recent days fountains of…
Weather forecast model predicts complex patterns of volcanic ash dispersal

May 4, 2018

In 2010, the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajӧkull caused widespread travel chaos, with the cancellation of more…
Surviving climate change, then and now

April 19, 2018

Trade and social networking helped our Homo sapiens ancestors survive a climate-changing volcanic eruption 40,000 years ago, giving hope that…
Hot, warm or cold?: New insight into how Giant’s Causeway was formed

April 17, 2018

A new study by geoscientists at the University of Liverpool has identified the temperature at which cooling magma…
Mars’ oceans formed early, possibly aided by massive volcanic eruptions

March 22, 2018

A new scenario seeking to explain how Mars’ putative oceans came and went over the last 4 billion…
Humans thrived in South Africa through the Toba super-volcanic eruption

March 21, 2018

Imagine a year in Africa when summer never arrives. The sky takes on a gray hue during the…
New insight into how magma feeds volcanic eruptions

February 27, 2018

A novel research study by scientists at the University of Liverpool has provided new insights into how molten rock…
Earth’s crust determined the course of the evolution of life? Scientists confirm

February 21, 2018

Life on Earth developed the way it did because of how environment impacted the course of evolution. A…
Continental interiors may not be as tectonically stable as geologists think

February 20, 2018

A University of Illinois-led team has identified unexpected geophysical signals underneath tectonically stable interiors of South America and…
A one-two punch may have helped deck the dinosaurs

February 13, 2018

The debate goes on: What killed off the dinosaurs? New UO research has identified gravity-related fluctuations dating to…
No Volcanic Winter in East Africa From Ancient Toba Eruption

February 7, 2018

The supereruption 74,000 years ago did not trigger major environmental disruption that caused human populations in East Africa…
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