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You always forget your dreams? Maybe you just lack vitamin B6

April 28, 2018

Some dreams are better to forget as soon as you wake up. Failed exams, mistakes in our romantic…
High folate intake linked with nerve-damage risk in older adults with common gene variant

October 13, 2016

High folate (vitamin B9) consumption is associated with an increased risk for a nerve-damage disorder in older adults…
Sensory response to environmental stimuli modulated by form of vitamin B3 in worms

October 12, 2016

Sensory response to environmental stimuli modulated by form of vitamin B3 in worms Experiments show that too much…
Study shows new role for B-complex vitamins in promoting stem cell proliferation

July 12, 2016

Folates can stimulate stem cell proliferation independently of their role as vitamins, according to a collaborative study from…
Omega-3 levels affect whether B vitamins can slow brain’s decline

January 19, 2016

The team, from the Universities of Cape Town, Oslo, Oxford and the UAE, studied more than 250 people…
Research will test how vitamin B can help us dream more vividly

September 24, 2015

Dreams are one of the most mysterious parts of our consciousness. They occur rather frequently, but usually we…
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