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First flight success for UAV with “structural battery” components

March 12, 2019

If fully electric regional passenger jets someday fly from Cleveland to Atlanta, aviation historians will likely point out…
Graphene-skinned aircraft to take its first public flights

July 15, 2016

Graphene is a material characterized by its incredibly small thickness. It is very interesting too as it is…
Unmanned aircraft completes extreme weather testing

March 3, 2016

Unmanned aerial vehicles nowadays are not just a hobby or a toy. They do perform a variety of…
Bat-inspired design for Micro Air Vehicles

February 18, 2016

Researchers from the University of Southampton have designed innovative membrane wings inspired by bats, paving the way for…
Engineers develop sonar navigation, mapping system for unmanned aircraft

October 12, 2015

Researchers at the University of Georgia are working to bring a new level of precision to the navigation…
Friendly “Gremlins” Could Enable Cheaper, More Effective, Distributed Air Operations

August 31, 2015

For decades, U.S. military air operations have relied on increasingly capable multi-function manned aircraft to execute critical combat…
New camera suspension system for airborne cameras helps to deliver pin-sharp videos

July 31, 2015

We live in an age of drones, both professionals and hobbyists use them to capture amazing videos. However,…
Cameron looks to drones in the fight against Islamic State

July 22, 2015

David Cameron has said that he is looking at potentially increasing the use of drones, spy planes and…
Drone flights add international research element to health outreach

July 16, 2015

The Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership at Virginia Tech has received a Federal Aviation Administration Certificate of Authorization to conduct…
NASA, Partners Test Unmanned Aircraft Systems

June 25, 2015

NASA, working with government and industry partners, is testing a system that would make it possible for unmanned…
Autonomous robots- the third revolution in warfare, after gunpowder and nuclear arms

June 3, 2015

The autonomous weapons systems such as LAWS, EXACTO, smart bombs, and some other current developments have stirred a debate over…
Hydrogen-Powered Hycopter Drone can fly for 4 Hours on a Single Charge

May 21, 2015

This month, the Singapore-based company Horizon Unmanned Systems (HUS) presented the world’s first hydrogen-powered, multi-rotor UAV (Unmanned Aerial…
Air Force X-37B Spaceplane Launches on May 20 with Military, NASA and LightSail Payloads

May 20, 2015

All systems are currently “GO” for the fourth launch of the US Air Force’s secretive unmanned, X-37B military space…
NASA Cohosts Forum on Managing Expanding Unmanned Aerial System Traffic

May 13, 2015

NASA and the Silicon Valley chapter of the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) are partnering to…
NASAs Ten-Engine Electric Plane

May 7, 2015

NASA has been grabbing headlines recently with their potentially game-changing emDrive propulsion system. The emDrive has generated a lot…
Runway Boys fly where no Owls have gone before

April 22, 2015

In an age of routine air travel, drone aircraft and robotic pilots, it’s easy to forget that aviation…
Multi-Utility Technology Testbed Aircraft On the Runway

April 17, 2015

The X-56A Multi-Utility Technology Testbed (MUTT) is greeted on an Edwards Air Force Base runway by a U.S.…
LOCUST: Autonomous, swarming UAVs fly into the future

April 17, 2015

A new era in autonomy and unmanned systems for naval operations is on the horizon, as officials at…
Operating in Contested Environments with a help of agile “system-of-systems” technology

March 31, 2015

For decades, the United States has successfully countered the threats of competitor nations by harnessing advanced technologies to…
Tern Continues Progress toward Enabling Small Ships to Host Their Own Unmanned Air Systems

March 24, 2015

DARPA has awarded prime contracts for Phase 2 of Tern, a joint program between DARPA and the U.S.…
Cable-Tethered UAV Drones Immune to Radio Jamming

January 26, 2015

One of the main problems of UAV drones stem from their principle of control: if the radio signal is…
Establishing the CODE for Unmanned Aircraft to Fly as Collaborative Teams

January 22, 2015

The U.S. military’s investments in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have proven invaluable for missions from intelligence, surveillance and…
Drone that turns an average person into a filmmaker

December 31, 2014

Ghost is an easy drone to fly. With a smartphone app it is easy to pilot instead of…
Crash proof personal carbon drone

December 5, 2014

The Carbon Flyer is the world’s first all carbon fiber personal drone, controlled by Bluetooth, with an onboard…
Wanted: Ideas for Transforming Planes into “Aircraft Carriers in the Sky”

November 10, 2014

Military air operations typically rely on large, manned, robust aircraft, but such missions put these expensive assets—and their…
It’s Alive! Ames Engineers Harvest and Print Parts for New Breed of Aircraft

October 29, 2014

It’s more an engineer’s dream than nightmare – to rapidly prototype and redesign aircraft using 3-D printed parts.…
NASA Aeronautics Research Tests New Tool for Early Wildfire Detection

October 8, 2014

NASA’s research in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) may soon provide a means for early detection and mitigation of…
Novel UAV technology for atmospheric research

October 2, 2014

A team of scientists and engineers sampling greenhouse gases in the remote South Atlantic have pushed the boundaries…
New algorithm lets drones monitor their own health during long package-delivery missions

August 21, 2014

In the near future, the package that you ordered online may be deposited at your doorstep by a…
NASA is Testing Electric Propulsion for Airplanes

August 20, 2014

On Aug. 19, National Aviation Day, a lot of people are reflecting on how far aviation has come…
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