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Protein-Protein Interaction Activates and Fuels Leukemia Cell Growth

December 22, 2015

Building upon previous research, scientists at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and UC San Diego…
Biologists unravel drug-resistance mechanism in tumor cells

October 23, 2015

About half of all tumors are missing a gene called p53, which helps healthy cells prevent genetic mutations.…
Collagen’s role in skin cancer

October 22, 2015

Collagen has been found to play a role in suppression of blood vessel formation in a type of…
Lack of referrals leads to more cancer deaths

October 15, 2015

Deaths are higher in cancer patients whose GPs do not regularly send patients through the two-week urgent referral…
Less-invasive surgery may not be best option for rectal cancer

October 7, 2015

A comparison of the surgical removal of rectal tumours by a laparoscopically-assisted “keyhole” procedure and open surgery reveals…
Study reveals key structure in telomerase enzyme, a target for cancer drugs

October 7, 2015

Researchers at UC Santa Cruz have determined the structure of a key part of the enzyme telomerase, which…
Identifying cancer’s food sensors may help to halt tumour growth

October 6, 2015

Oxford University researchers have identified a protein used by tumours to help them detect food supplies. Initial studies…
ESMO @ ECC 2015: Comprehensive Genomic Profiling Detects High Frequency of ERBB2 Extracellular Domain Mutations in Multiple Cancer Types

September 28, 2015

Results from comprehensive genomic profiling of a large series of tumour samples were reported at the European Cancer…
New research leaves tumours with nowhere to hide

September 27, 2015

The small tumours concealed in the adrenal gland are “unmasked” in early pregnancy, when a sudden surge of…
Discovery targets dormant bowel cancer cells before they form secondary tumours

June 25, 2015

An international research team, led by the University of Melbourne, have discovered a way to control the stem…
Scientists finally discover which prostate cancers are life-threatening

November 21, 2013

 Scientists have discovered that the presence of a specific protein can distinguish between prostate cancers that are aggressive…
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