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Innovation by ice cream bean relatives explains biodiversity

March 25, 2019

The back and forth relationship between insects and their food plants may drive tropical biodiversity evolution according to…
Fighting leaf and mandible

March 19, 2019

Researchers have been baffled by tropical rainforest diversity for over a century; 650 different tree species can exist…
World’s forests increasingly taking up more carbon

February 27, 2019

The world’s forests are increasingly taking up more carbon, partially offsetting the carbon being released by the burning…
Understanding tropical rainfall, both past and present

February 13, 2019

A drop of rainwater that falls on a cassava field in Uganda takes a different path than one…
Revealed: Termites mitigate against effects of drought in tropical rainforests

January 14, 2019

A major new study by the University of Liverpool and the Natural History Museum has discovered that termites mitigate against the effects…
Trees’ enemies help tropical forests maintain their biodiversity, study finds

December 31, 2018

Scientists have long struggled to explain how tropical forests can maintain their staggering diversity of trees without having…
New study answers old questions about why tropical forests are so ecologically diverse

October 17, 2018

Working with high-resolution satellite imaging technology, researchers from Brown University and the University of California, Los Angeles have…
Primary tropical forests are best but regrowing forests are also vital to biodiversity

October 5, 2018

Even after 40 years of recovery, secondary forests remain species and carbon-poor compared to undisturbed primary forests, a…
Tropical forest seeds use three strategies to survive

August 13, 2018

The oldest living seeds found on Earth germinated after resting more than 30,000 years in Arctic soils. But…
Ever-increasing CO2 levels could take us back to the tropical climate of Paleogene period

August 2, 2018

As seen from the ongoing heat wave, the knock-on effects of such extreme warmth include arid land and…
Time is running out in the tropics – researchers warn of global biodiversity collapse

August 2, 2018

A global biodiversity collapse is imminent unless we take urgent, concerted action to reverse species loss in the…
Tropical treetops are warming, putting sensitive species at risk

August 1, 2018

The vaulted canopies that tower above Earth’s rich tropical forests could be especially vulnerable to climate change-related temperature…
Protecting tropical forest carbon stocks may not prevent large-scale species loss

July 18, 2018

Protecting tropical forest carbon stocks may not prevent large-scale species loss Tropical forests are rich in carbon and…
Tropical dry forests ‘canary in the coal mine’ on climate change

March 21, 2018

Tropical dry forests are being increasingly recognized as conclusive indicators of climate change, thanks in part thanks to…
Tropical Trees use Unique Method to Resist Drought

February 22, 2018

Tropical trees in the Amazon Rainforest may be more drought resistant than previously thought, according to a new…
Climate change linked to more flowery tropical forests

January 22, 2018

New research from a Florida State University scientist has revealed a surprising relationship between surging atmospheric carbon dioxide…
Human Impact on Forest Still Evident After 500 Years

January 19, 2018

Tropical forests span a huge area, harbor a wide diversity of species, and are important to water and…
Conserving the Forests

December 12, 2017

Forests cover 31 percent of Earth’s land mass — for now, anyway. As global demand for agricultural commodities…
Reduced impact logging still harms biodiversity in tropical rainforests

October 24, 2017

More than 403 million hectares of tropical forests worldwide have been earmarked for timber concessions with selective logging…
Restoring tropical rainforests

August 8, 2017

A team of researchers, including Cardiff University researchers at the Danau Girang Field Centre in Borneo, found that…
New Study Shows the Amazon Makes Its Own Rainy Season

July 18, 2017

A new study gives the first observational evidence that the southern Amazon rainforest triggers its own rainy season…
Lianas Stifle Tree Fruit and Seed Production in Tropical Forests

June 16, 2017

Woody vines, known as lianas, compete intensely with trees and their numbers are on the rise in many…
“Narco-deforestation” study links loss of Central American tropical forests to cocaine

May 17, 2017

Central American tropical forests are beginning to disappear at an alarming rate, threatening the livelihood of indigenous peoples…
Long-term fate of tropical forests may not be so dire

April 29, 2017

Tropical rainforests are often described as the “lungs of the earth,” able to essentially inhale carbon dioxide from…
A new hope: Study shows tropical forest protected areas can sustain biodiversity

January 21, 2016

Biodiversity in tropical forest protected areas may be faring better than previously thought, according to a study released…
Forest-Mapping Instrument for Space Station Passes Major Milestone

September 17, 2015

A laser-based instrument for mapping the 3-D structure of Earth’s forests has passed a major milestone toward deployment…
Clues from ancient Maya reveal lasting impact on environment

September 12, 2015

Evidence from the tropical lowlands of Central America reveals how Maya activity more than 2,000 years ago not…
Surveying the Amazon of the Indo-Pacific

July 2, 2015

One of the study’s authors, CSIRO’s Matt Bradford, with a Gossia shepherdii (Lignum) estimated at close to 1000…
At least 40,000 tree species in the tropical forests

June 10, 2015

In the tropical forests of the world, there may be more species than previously thought, namely between 40,000…
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