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Researchers reverse the flow of time on IBM’s quantum computer

March 14, 2019

Quantum simulation gives a sneak peek into the possibilities of time reversal. We all mark days with clocks…
A ‘Flickr-ing’ view of the world, in 4-D

February 13, 2015

Imagine a version of Google Street View where you could hit the rewind button and see any point…
Time travel logically possible, quantum researchers say

July 30, 2014

Time travel has been a subject of countless human narratives, ranging from ancient Hindu myths to modern science…
Simulating time travel: Doctor Who meets Professor Heisenberg

June 20, 2014

Space-time structure exhibiting closed paths in space (horizontal) and time (vertical). A quantum particle travels through a wormhole…
Internet Search Yields No Evidence of Time Travelers

January 7, 2014

You can find anything on the internet, right? A new study reveals, however, that you can’t find evidence…
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