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There are no environmental conditions that would stop all tick borne pathogens

December 29, 2019

Ticks spread a variety of different diseases. We hope for certain environmental conditions to limit that problem, but…
Paper-based test could diagnose Lyme disease at early stages

December 20, 2019

After a day hiking in the forest, the last thing a person wants to discover is a tick…
New Effective Vaccines for Lyme Disease Are Coming

October 21, 2019

There is no effective vaccine available to prevent Lyme disease in humans, but researchers are one step closer…
NIH strategic research plan addresses growing tickborne diseases threat

October 11, 2019

The incidence of reported cases of tickborne diseases in the United States has significantly increased in recent years.…
The meat allergy: UVA IDs biological changes triggered by tick bites

August 22, 2019

A University of Virginia School of Medicine scientist has, for the first time, identified key immunological changes in people…
Deadly tick-borne virus cured with experimental flu drug, in mice

June 18, 2019

Only a few cases of the newly discovered Bourbon virus have been reported, and two of them ended…
Researcher discovers cellular contributor of Lyme arthritis that could open door to treatment

June 18, 2019

Virginia Tech biochemist Brandon Jutras has discovered the cellular component that contributes to Lyme arthritis, a debilitating and…
Russet mite, Aceria anthocoptes is found on the invasive weed Cirsium arvense, the Canada thistle, across the world. It may be usable as a biological pest control agent for this weed. Photo by Eric Erbe; digital colorization by Chris Pooley (USDA, ARS, EMU) / Public Domain via Wikimedia
New research shows that mites and ticks are close relatives

May 27, 2019

Scientists from the University of Bristol and the Natural History Museum in London have reconstructed the evolutionary history…
A tick. Free image via Pixabay
NIH scientists explore tick salivary glands as tool to study virus transmission and infection

February 1, 2019

The salivary glands of some tick species could become important research tools for studying how viruses are transmitted…
Hungry ticks work harder to find you

November 29, 2018

Ticks are hardy little brutes that can go as long as a year without a meal. Now scientists…
Coconut Oil Compounds Repel Insects Better than DEET

November 5, 2018

Compounds derived from coconut oil are better than DEET at repelling blood-sucking insects, according to a new U.S.…
UNH Researchers Say Winter Ticks Killing Moose at Alarming Rate

October 20, 2018

As winter in New England seems to get warmer, fall lingers longer and spring comes into bloom earlier,…
Tickborne diseases are likely to increase, say NIH officials

August 6, 2018

The incidence of tickborne infections in the United States has risen significantly within the past decade. It is…
The changing landscape of mosquito- and tick-borne diseases

July 18, 2018

Sara Cherry has a visceral memory of when Asian tiger mosquitoes, Aedes albopictus, first found their way into the…
UMD’s tick warrior

July 4, 2018

Are you ticked off that our lovely summer woods are so full of ticks? So is Benjamin Clarke—especially…
New UVA study tentatively links ticks to heart disease

June 19, 2018

University of Virginia School of Medicine researchers have linked sensitivity to an allergen in red meat – a…
Lyme Disease is On the Rise – An Expert Explains Why

May 22, 2018

May marks the beginning of the summer season when black-legged ticks that spread Lyme disease are more prevalent…
Generating first-ever transgenic ticks to help fight tick-borne diseases

February 28, 2018

For those who are active hikers, or find themselves outdoors often, the reality of a tick bite is…
Every rose has its thorn — and its tick

February 15, 2018

When it comes to avoiding Lyme disease, know your forest. That’s the cautionary tale from a new study…
Tick, Tick, Tick

September 7, 2017

Around the world, ticks are one of the most important vectors of zoonotic diseases — animal diseases communicable to humans…
Collaring the Mice that Carry Lyme Disease-Causing Ticks

September 6, 2017

White-footed mice in Howard County, Maryland are being collared as part of a study to improve control of…
Scientists develop infection model for tick-borne flaviviruses

August 23, 2017

National Institutes of Health scientists have filled a research gap by developing a laboratory model to study ticks…
How ‘stealth warrior’ bacteria turn a tick’s gut microbes against itself

January 18, 2017

Before infecting humans, tick-borne bacteria or viruses first have to get past a tick’s defenses to colonize it.…
It’s the Heat and the Humidity, New Study Finds: Why Lyme Disease is Common in the North, Rare in the South

January 12, 2017

When it’s hot and not too muggy, Lyme disease-bearing ticks hide out where people don’t tread. Scientists say…
Tick genome reveals secrets of a successful bloodsucker

February 11, 2016

With tenacity befitting their subject, an international team of nearly 100 researchers toiled for a decade and overcame…
Duplicate DNA a Hallmark of Tick Genome

February 11, 2016

Researchers have sequenced the genetic blueprint of one of the most prolific pathogen-transmitting agents on the planet –…
Duplicate DNA a hallmark of tick genome

February 9, 2016

Researchers have sequenced the genetic blueprint of one of the most prolific pathogen-transmitting agents on the planet –…
Tackling Cattle Fever Ticks with Vaccines

January 13, 2016

Despite a successful program to eliminate cattle fever ticks during the first half of the 20th century, these…
Blacklegged Tick Populations Have Expanded Via Migration, Biologists Show

July 8, 2015

Lyme disease cases are on the rise, with diagnoses occurring in areas that were historically Lyme-free. Scientists attribute…
Lyme disease on the rise among people, dogs in Virginia’s New River Valley

June 26, 2015

One third of deer ticks collected from sites in Giles and Pulaski counties carry the organism responsible for…
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