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Fujitsu Successfully Grows Diamond Film to Boost Heat Dissipation Efficiency of GaN HEMT

3 days ago

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. have successfully developed the world’s first technology for growing a diamond film…
Turning Up the Heat to Create New Nanostructured Metals

November 22, 2019

Scientists used heat to drive a spontaneous process in which different metals mixed to form 3-D interlocking nanostructures…
Scientists discover ​“ripple” in flexible material that could improve electronic properties

November 15, 2019

A newly discovered phenomenon in a flexible semiconductor could affect its promise for electronic devices. Two-dimensional materials —…
Alert system for failing nuclear plant pipes uses thin films and sound vibrations

October 31, 2019

A failing pipe can be tough to spot. It may cause a puddle, produce another sign of damage,…
Foodborne pathogen sheltered by harmless bacteria that support biofilm formation

August 26, 2019

Pathogenic bacteria  that stubbornly lurk in some apple-packing facilities may be sheltered and protected by harmless bacteria that…
An innovative method for controlling single-photon emission for specific locations in 2D materials may offer a new path toward all-optical quantum computers and other quantum technologies. This image shows a false-color scanning electron micrograph of the array used to create place single-photon sources in epitaxial tungsten diselenide. Inset shows the Hanbury-Brown Twiss interferometry measurement proving quantum emission. Image credit: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Quantum information gets a boost from thin-film breakthrough

May 31, 2019

Method opens new path to all-optical quantum computers, other technologies. Efforts to create reliable light-based quantum computing, quantum…
Sintering atomically thin materials with ceramics now possible

July 2, 2018

For the first time, researchers have created a nanocomposite of ceramics and a two-dimensional material, opening the door…
Research Charts the Way to More Reliable Carbon-based Microelectronics

June 18, 2018

Carbon nanotubes – cylindrical formations of carbon atoms with incredible strength and electrical conductivity – hold great promise…
Cell membrane inspires new ultrathin electronic film

May 4, 2018

Japanese researchers have developed a new method to build large areas of semiconductive material that is just two…
Thin film converts heat from electronics into energy

April 18, 2018

Nearly 70 percent of the energy produced in the United States each year is wasted as heat. Much…
Spray-on Electric Rainbows: Making Safer Electrochromic Inks

August 17, 2017

Anyone who has a rear-view mirror that automatically dims blue in reaction to annoying high-beam headlights glaring from…
Meniscus-Assisted Technique Produces High Efficiency Perovskite PV Films

July 10, 2017

A new low-temperature solution printing technique allows fabrication of high-efficiency perovskite solar cells with large crystals intended to…
Ultrafast spin dynamics observed by synchrotron x-ray

June 29, 2017

Researchers at the University of Tokyo and their collaborators succeeded in observing ultrafast spin dynamics in iron-platinum thin…
Scientists Help Thin-Film Ferroelectrics Go Extreme

May 11, 2017

Scientists have greatly expanded the range of functional temperatures for ferroelectrics, a key material used in a variety…
Discovery of thin transparent film could improve electronics and solar cell

May 8, 2017

A team of researchers, led by the University of Minnesota, have discovered a new nano-scale thin film material…
For Wearable Electronic Devices, NIST Shows Plastic Holes Are Golden

November 24, 2016

In science, sometimes the best discoveries come when you’re exploring something else entirely. That’s the case with recent…
A New Way to Image Solar Cells in 3-D

November 17, 2016

Next-generation solar cells made of super-thin films of semiconducting material hold promise because they’re relatively inexpensive and flexible…
Scientists developed a film which harnesses energy from humidity

August 4, 2016

Scientists are constantly trying to harness energy from everything – sunlight, wind, tides temperature and so on. Now…
New nontoxic process promises larger ultrathin sheets of 2D nanomaterials

July 27, 2016

A team of scientists led by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has developed a novel…
Controlling spins by laser

July 5, 2016

Researchers at the University of Tokyo employed a technique (magnetic circular dichroism) using soft x-rays (x-rays with a…
Graphene-based de-icer gains anti-icing properties

May 24, 2016

Rice University scientists have advanced their graphene-based de-icer to serve a dual purpose. The new material still melts…
Nanotubes line up to form films

April 5, 2016

A simple filtration process helped Rice University researchers create flexible, wafer-scale films of highly aligned and closely packed…
Researchers engineer a first in flexible electronics

February 16, 2016

An engineering research team at the University of Alberta has invented a new transistor that could revolutionize thin-film…
Transparent metal films for smartphone, tablet and TV displays

December 29, 2015

A new material that is both highly transparent and electrically conductive could make large screen displays, smart windows…
Inaugural American Vacuum Society award goes to Sandia technologist

December 15, 2015

The American Vacuum Society has honored Sandia National Laboratories technologist Catherine Sobczak with its inaugural Thin Film Division…
The ultimate 2D superconductor

October 8, 2015

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have demonstrated that an ideal 2D superconductor with minimal disorder cannot maintain…
Green laser beam
Hot electrons point the way to perfect light absorption

September 2, 2015

Light-absorbing films can be found in many everyday applications such as solar cells or sensors. They are used…
Study Explores Nanoscale Structure of Thin Films

August 5, 2015

The world’s newest and brightest synchrotron light source—the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) at the U.S. Department of…
How to make continuous rolls of graphene

May 21, 2015

Graphene is a material with a host of potential applications, including in flexible light sources, solar panels that…
Observation of quantization in surface Dirac states of topological insulator

May 19, 2015

Topological insulators are an unusual class of materials, which do not conduct electricity in their insulating interiors but…
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