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In Solar System’s Symphony, Earth’s Magnetic Field Drops the Beat

February 13, 2019

Space isn’t silent. In fact, an entire orchestra of instruments fills our near-Earth environment with eerie sounds. Scientists…
Pulsating Aurora Mysteries Uncovered with Help from NASA’s THEMIS Mission

February 21, 2018

Sometimes on a dark night near the poles, the sky pulses a diffuse glow of green, purple and…
10 Years Strong with NASA’s THEMIS Mission

February 22, 2017

On Feb. 17, 2017, NASA’s Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms, or THEMIS, mission marked…
NASA Finds Unusual Origins of High-Energy Electrons

November 15, 2016

High above the surface, Earth’s magnetic field constantly deflects incoming supersonic particles from the sun. These particles are…
NASA’s THEMIS Sees Auroras Move to the Rhythm of Earth’s Magnetic Field

September 13, 2016

The majestic auroras have captivated humans for thousands of years, but their nature – the fact that the…
Test for Damp Ground at Mars’ Seasonal Streaks Finds None

August 25, 2016

Seasonal dark streaks on Mars that have become one of the hottest topics in interplanetary research don’t hold…
What Happened to Early Mars’ Atmosphere? New Study Eliminates One Theory

September 3, 2015

Scientists may be closer to solving the mystery of how Mars changed from a world with surface water…
THEMIS Discovers New Process that Protects Earth from Space Weather

March 7, 2014

In the giant system that connects Earth to the sun, one key event happens over and over: solar…
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