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Terahertz laser for sensing and imaging outperforms its predecessors

December 11, 2018

A terahertz laser designed by MIT researchers is the first to reach three key performance goals at once…
Study exposes security vulnerabilities in terahertz data links

October 17, 2018

A new study involving University at Buffalo researchers shows that terahertz data links, which may play a role in ultra-high-speed…
Beyond 5G

January 22, 2018

Imagine a roomful of 1,000 students all simultaneously experiencing an augmented reality lecture and demonstration. Or, how about…
Terahertz spectroscopy goes nano

October 20, 2017

Brown University researchers have demonstrated a way to bring a powerful form of spectroscopy — a technique used…
Generating terahertz radiation from water makes ‘the impossible, possible’

September 28, 2017

Xi-Cheng Zhang has worked for nearly a decade to solve a scientific puzzle that many in the research…
Scientists report first data transmission through terahertz multiplexer

August 11, 2017

Multiplexing, the ability to send multiple signals through a single channel, is a fundamental feature of any voice…
Tiny terahertz laser could be used for imaging, chemical detection

August 9, 2017

Terahertz radiation — the band of the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and visible light — has promising applications…
Researchers create new technique for manipulating polarization of terahertz radiation

July 20, 2017

Brown University researchers have developed a new method of manipulating the polarization of light at terahertz frequencies. The…
Wave of the future: Terahertz chips a new way of seeing through matter

February 9, 2017

Electromagnetic pulses lasting one millionth of a millionth of a second may hold the key to advances in…
Tiny graphene radios may lead to Internet of Nano-Things

November 4, 2016

For wireless communication, we’re all stuck on the same traffic-clogged highway — it’s a section of the electromagnetic…
Stronger terahertz waves allow safer detection of hidden objects

August 8, 2016

Here’s the scene: a suspicious package is found in a public place. The police are called in and…
Researchers develop key power-splitting component for terahertz waves

June 30, 2016

One of the most basic components of any communications network is a power splitter that allows a signal…
Terahertz radiation: A useful source for food safety

June 18, 2016

An effective and less expensive tool for the inspection of food and drugs could soon be a reality.…
Speedy terahertz-based system could detect explosives

May 22, 2016

Terahertz spectroscopy, which uses the band of electromagnetic radiation between microwaves and infrared light, is a promising security…
Light-powered 3-D Printer Creates Terahertz Lens

May 5, 2016

From visible light to radio waves, most people are familiar with the different sections of the electromagnetic spectrum.…
Researchers develop new lens for terahertz radiation

March 16, 2016

Terahertz radiation is a relatively unexplored slice of the electromagnetic spectrum, but it holds the promise of countless…
Tesearchers develop ‘metasurface’ laser for terahertz range

December 20, 2015

Researchers at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science have identified a new way to…
Researchers develop key component for terahertz wireless

September 18, 2015

Terahertz waves, operating at a much higher frequency than microwaves, could one day be used to carry data…
Researchers develop key component for terahertz wireless

September 16, 2015

Terahertz radiation could one day provide the backbone for wireless systems that can deliver data up to one…
Generating broadband terahertz radiation from a microplasma in air

April 28, 2015

Researchers at the University of Rochester’s Institute of Optics have shown that a laser-generated microplasma in air can…
Developed by UCLA team, new terahertz modulator could lead to more advanced medical and security imaging

July 17, 2014

A UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science research team has developed a breakthrough broadband modulator that could…
Developing terahertz detectors with carbon nanotubes: Improvements in MRIs on the horizon

June 11, 2014

 Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories, along with collaborators from Rice University and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, are…
Continuous terahertz sources demonstrated at room temperature

June 6, 2014

Imagine a technology that could allow us to see through opaque surfaces without exposure to harmful x-rays, that…
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