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Too Much Screen Time for the Kids? Grandparents May Also Be Complicit

July 10, 2019

Grandparents have long been associated with letting their grandchildren do things their parents would never permit. Candy. Extended…
Too much screen time hurts toddlers’ social skills, new study shows

June 25, 2019

Toddlers who spend too much time watching television or using devices like tablets have been shown to have…
Research sheds light on UK’s new unsustainable viewing habits

May 15, 2019

A new study looks behind closed doors to reveal how UK viewing habits are shifting away from traditional…
A television in the bedroom?

March 22, 2019

Having a television in the bedroom during the preschool years can lead to mental and physical health problems…
Despite the Popularity of Smart Devices, Children are Watching more TV than Ever, Study Finds

February 19, 2019

Surely, given the near-universal use of smart devices like smartphones and tablets, most of us would suspect that…
Are trigger warnings emotionally protective?

October 19, 2018

Do you like to see warnings about violent or other distressing content before watching a TV show or…
Introducing the Raspberry Pi TV HAT

October 18, 2018

Today the Raspberry Pi Foundation launches a new add-on board for your Raspberry Pi: the Raspberry Pi TV…
The psychology of binge-watching

October 8, 2018

Though binge-watching—and even the way we crave television at all—is a relatively recent phenomenon, the psychology behind why…
In 2015, peripheral devices consumed nearly as much electricity as televisions

September 12, 2018

Results from EIA’s 2015 Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) show that televisions and related peripheral devices—such as digital video recorders…
Scientists are finding ways to make your TV understand what you’re saying

September 12, 2018

We‘ve been promised that in the future we will be able to simply tell our devices what we…
What is more engaging – TV or an audiobook? The answer is hardly surprising

June 27, 2018

We look into entertainment for a reason. We seek to feel and experience something new, we want emotions…
The Infinity Lab – better world innovation challenge 2018

May 23, 2018

We’re looking for start-ups and small companies who have the passion – and the technology – to make…
Children are exposed to junk food advertisements the most

April 19, 2018

Believe it or not, but children still watch TV. Maybe not as much as they used to, because…
Binge-watching ‘The Walking Dead?’ You might feel like a zombie yourself

August 16, 2017

Binge-watching is a great way for young adults to catch up on multiple episodes of their favorite television…
Children Trust ‘Clever’ Characters on Television

May 4, 2016

Children are more likely to learn from educational television programming if two things occur: 1) If the children…
Television audio of the future – customizable and in 3D

September 9, 2015

The next generation of Ultra High Definition televisions (UHDTV) offers not only crystal-clear images, but also perfect sound.…
Glasses-free 3D screen technology

July 14, 2015

Stereo-Step-Eclipse technology provides the ability to display video in stereoscopic 3D on a screen.The patent-pending technology is created…
Baker Institute expert weighs in on Mexican telecommunications reform

June 10, 2015

Mexico’s budding telecommunications reform may have opened the door for increased competition, but it has done little in…
Goodbye ‘Mad Men,’ Hello Grief

May 13, 2015

When the show “Mad Men” airs its final episode on Sunday after a run of seven seasons on…
Tight family budget may lessen impact of food commercials on children

May 13, 2015

Young children in households with no financial restraints may be at risk for poor eating habits by watching…
Three students to reinvent the TV antenna

April 17, 2015

Over the coming 20 weeks, DTU student Zaland Bahramzy will be teaming up with Sohia Huzelius and Paulina…
Linking television and the Internet

July 4, 2014

In the “LinkedTV“ project, researchers are seamlessly connecting TV offerings with the Internet. Audiences will benefit from an…
Ham video premiers on Space Station

May 6, 2014

Astronauts on the International Space Station can now talk with people on Earth with video using simple transmitters.…
TV a sleep detriment in children, study finds

April 14, 2014

A study following more than 1,800 children from ages 6 months to nearly 8 years old found a small…
Pentagon Channel, U.S. Defense Laboratories Team Up for New Science TV Show

March 13, 2014

Two of the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) premier in-house research laboratories have joined forces with the Pentagon Channel…
TV Show ‘Cosmos’ Gets An Epic Reboot This Sunday

March 10, 2014

Sunday is going to be a once-in-a-generation moment. For those of us who were too young to remember…
Getting more out of your satellite TV

November 13, 2013

Thanks to Global Invacom and ESA, you could one day distribute satellite TV programmes to devices around your…
Broadcasting rights: the conservative movement’s strategic use of television through the decades

September 25, 2013

Even as it grew in popularity in the postwar years, relatively few scholars studied television: Full of dismal…
YouTube claims victory in the battle with television

May 7, 2013

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt recently proclaimed YouTube victorious in the battle against traditional television – if such a battle…
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