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Digging deeper into liquid crystals

September 27, 2019

Charles Rosenblatt’s quest to understand more fully the properties and possibilities of soft condensed materials such as liquid…
Lab produces simple fluorescent surfactants

August 6, 2019

Laboratories use surfactants to separate things, and fluorescent dyes to see things. Rice University chemists have combined the two to simplify life…
Novel approach promises ready access to hard-to-study proteins

April 18, 2019

DNA and the genome, we know, provide the blueprint for life. But it is the proteins made according…
Engineers get a grip on slippery surfactants

April 26, 2018

A Rice University group’s innovative surfactant theory removes limitations of a 100-year-old model for interfacial behavior in enhanced oil…
Surfactants: Building greener chemicals

August 7, 2015

From cleaning supplies to pharmaceuticals, surfactants are the compounds that make your soap bubbly, your paint spread smoothly…
Biosurfactants research goes from Idea to Patent to Market

March 16, 2015

UA startup company GlycoSurf has finalized an exclusive license agreement for a new chemical synthesis technology, which was…
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