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Young adults not seeking treatment for substance use disorders

October 17, 2019

A growing number of young adults are dealing with a substance use disorder – in some cases, multiple…
40 kg of cocaine vs a black bear – a strange story about smuggling and unexpected overdose

October 2, 2019

For a significant portion of his life Andrew C. Thornton II was standing on the right side of…
Researchers link gene to cannabis abuse

July 3, 2019

Cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug in both Denmark and internationally, and around one in ten…
Researches link gene to cannabis abuse

June 19, 2019

New research from the national psychiatric project, iPSYCH, shows that a specific gene is associated with an increased…
Marijuana use episodes linked to partner intimacy experiences

May 23, 2019

Marijuana use episodes among couples who frequently use the drug increase the likelihood of experiencing intimacy events, according…
Sexual minorities more likely to suffer severe substance use disorders

January 17, 2019

Researchers know that lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals are more likely than heterosexuals to use alcohol, tobacco or…
Young Canadians face heightened crash risk after consuming cannabis, new study finds

October 18, 2018

Young Canadians are more at risk of a vehicle crash even five hours after inhaling cannabis, according to…
Genes explain why alcohol withdrawal is so hard on some

September 26, 2018

Some heavy drinkers suffer intense withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop drinking — some, less so.  A…
Marijuana use among US college students remains at highest level in three decades

September 10, 2018

College students’ use of marijuana was at the highest levels seen in the past three decades in 2016,…
This Is (Actually, Accurately) Your Brain on Drugs

August 29, 2018

Jessica usually smokes cannabis five days a week, mostly at the end of the day, often while reading.…
How cannabis and cannabis-based drugs harm your brain

July 24, 2018

Long-term use of either cannabis or cannabis-based drugs impairs memory say researchers. The study has implications for both recreational…
Community efforts to prevent teen problems have lasting benefits

April 30, 2018

Want to prevent kids from using drugs and make it stick into young adulthood? Get the community involved…
Labelling alcoholic drinks as lower in strength could encourage people to drink more, study suggests

April 26, 2018

Wines and beers labelled as lower in alcohol strength may increase the total amount of alcoholic drink consumed,…
Alcohol intake may be linked with PMS

April 25, 2018

Drinking alcohol may be linked to pre-menstrual syndrome, or PMS for short, according to a new study involving…
The road back to good health

April 4, 2018

Before Kevin M.’s drinking problem began, before he became what he calls a “frequent flyer” in the Yale…
New Year’s resolutions do not work – people cannot stop drinking by themselves

February 1, 2018

Many people notice that they are drinking too much. When New Year comes they promise themselves to cut…
The 2017 “$100,000 for Start a SUD Startup” Challenge

June 27, 2017

Are you a biomedical scientist who believes that he/she has a research idea for a biotech start-up? This…
Self-understanding helps criminal substance abusers

April 17, 2016

Impulsiveness, crime and problems with social interaction. Many substance abusers also struggle with antisocial personality disorders, which makes…
Infographic: Occupations with High Rates of Substance Abuse

October 8, 2014

Food servers. Construction workers. If you have ever worked in these industries, you know that alcohol use and…
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