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Spinning Heat Shield Concept Could Provide a Lightweight Way to Survive Atmospheric Re-entry

August 15, 2018

One of the more challenging aspects of space exploration and spacecraft design is planning for re-entry. Even in…
New thermal coatings for spacecraft and satellites developed using metamaterials

April 26, 2018

A team of researchers, which includes the University of Southampton, have developed new technology which could prompt a…
NASA Space Technology Research Fellow Studies New Heatshield-making Technique

April 12, 2017

A fresh approach to designing and manufacturing heat-thwarting thermal protection systems (TPS) for spacecraft is being developed and…
Predictive Modeling for NASA’s Entry, Descent, and Landing Missions

November 18, 2016

A spacecraft mission’s entry, descent, and landing (EDL) phases are some of the most dangerous parts of the…
NASA Tests Inflatable Heat Shield Technology for Deep Space Missions

March 9, 2016

Before NASA uses its new inflatable technology for slowing spacecraft that are entering the atmospheres of other planets,…
NASA-funded research explores ways to beat the heat in outer space

October 12, 2015

Outer space is a place of temperature extremes, so astronauts and scientists rely on sophisticated temperature control systems…
A superconducting shield for astronauts

August 6, 2015

The CERN Superconductors team in the Technology department is involved in the European Space Radiation Superconducting Shield (SR2S)…
Communicating with hypersonic vehicles in flight

June 17, 2015

Researchers propose a potential new way to maintain communication with re-entering spacecraft and other vehicles by matching resonance…
Orion Heat Shield Completes Journey to Langley

June 10, 2015

After enduring searing temperatures near 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit during Orion’s first flight test in December 2014, the spacecraft’s…
Probing the secrets of the universe inside a metal box

May 13, 2015

The Standard Model of particle physics, sometimes called “The Theory of Almost Everything,” is the best set of…
The Orion’s Heat Shield Gets a Scorching on Re-entry

April 4, 2015

Yes, she’s a little worse for wear, isn’t she? But then again, that’s what atmospheric re-entry and 2200…
NASA taps Livermore photon scientists for heat-shield research

October 29, 2014

Researchers in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s NIF & Photon Science Directorate are working with NASA Ames Research Center…
James Webb Space Telescope Sunshield Test Unfolds Seamlessly

October 3, 2014

A major test of the sunshield for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope was conducted recently by Northrop Grumman…
Shelter from the Sun for James Webb Space Telescope

August 26, 2014

Here on Earth, under the protection of the layers of our atmosphere, we can still find the heat…
Engineers and Technicians Install Protective Shell on Orion Spacecraft

August 22, 2014

The heat shield on NASA’s Orion spacecraft gets all the glory when it comes to protecting the spacecraft…
Space Image: ATV shielding after impact test

June 27, 2014

An exit hole through Kevlar–Nextel fabric after hypervelocity testing of the multilayer shielding for ESA’s ATV space freighter,…
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