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HOT SHOT findings could save defense tech developers time and money

September 3, 2019

An early milestone for developing missile technologies is to show they can work in computer-simulations or large-scale field…
Sandia launches a bus into space

May 28, 2019

HOT SHOT sounding rocket program picks up flight pace. Sandia National Laboratories recently launched a bus into space.…
Colorful clouds formed by the release of vapors from the two AZURE rockets allow scientist to measure auroral winds. Credits: NASA/Lee Wingfield
NASA Launches Two Rockets Studying Auroras

April 10, 2019

NASA successfully launched the Auroral Zone Upwelling Rocket Experiment or AZURE mission on April 5 from the Andøya…
Sounding Rocket Mission Will Trace Auroral Winds

April 9, 2019

Editor’s note, April 8, 2019: The Auroral Zone Upwelling Rocket Experiment or AZURE mission was successfully conducted April…
Sounding Rocket Mission Will Trace Auroral Winds

March 22, 2019

Editor’s note: On March 23, 2019, the launch window for the AZURE mission will reopen after several attempts…
G-CHASER launches from the Andøya Space Center in Norway. Credit: NASA/Chris Perry
Learning on the Job: Student Rocket Launches From Norway

February 5, 2019

Before arriving in Andenes, Norway, on Jan. 3, 2019, Alvaro Guerra and Erica Venkatesulu — both juniors at…
Earth’s magnetosphere, showing the northern and southern polar cusps (illustration). Credits: Andøya Space Center/Trond Abrahamsen
To Catch a Wave, Rocket Launches From Top of World

January 30, 2019

On Jan. 4, 2019, at 4:37 a.m. EST the CAPER-2 mission launched from the Andøya Space Center in…
This composite photo shows The Twin Rockets to Investigate Cusp Electrodynamics or TRICE-2 that were launched at 3:26 and 3:28 a.m. EST, Dec. 8, 2018, from the Andoya Space Center in Andenes, Norway. The motors firing on the sides of the first stages spin the rocket to assist in stabilization during flight. The mission is one of nine international missions through January 2020 called the Grand Challenge Initiative – Cusp. Credit: NASA/Jamie Adkins
NASA Sounding Rockets Carry TRICE-2 over Norwegian Sea

December 11, 2018

Two NASA sounding rockets successfully flew over the Norwegian Sea early in the morning December 8 carrying an…
Sandia delivers first DOE sounding rocket program since 1990s

October 23, 2018

HOT SHOT to validate missile technologies more quickly, carry scientific experiments A new rocket program could help cut…
Sounding Rocket Takes a Second Look at the Sun

June 21, 2018

The EVE sounding rocket successfully launched at 1 p.m. local time on Monday, June 18, from White Sands…
Sounding Rocket Mission Will Trace Auroral Winds

March 3, 2018

From the ground, the dance of the northern lights, or aurora borealis, can look peaceful. But those shimmering…
NASA Sounding Rocket Instrument Spots Signatures of Long-Sought Small Solar Flares

October 14, 2017

Like most solar sounding rockets, the second flight of the FOXSI instrument – short for Focusing Optics X-ray…
NASA Mission to Study Atmospheric Disturbances from Marshall Islands

August 24, 2017

A NASA rocket mission to study disturbances in the upper atmosphere that interfere with communication and technology systems…
NASA Watches the Sun Put a Stop to Its Own Eruption

August 13, 2017

On Sept. 30, 2014, multiple NASA observatories watched what appeared to be the beginnings of a solar eruption.…
NASA-Funded CHESS Mission Will Check Out the Space Between Stars

June 24, 2017

Deep in space between distant stars, space is not empty. Instead, there drifts vast clouds of neutral atoms…
Nighttime Rocket Launch To Create Colorful Clouds in Space

June 13, 2017

The launch of a Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket scheduled for June 12 from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility has been postponed…
CLASP Sounding Rocket Mission Opens New Research Window in Solar Physics

May 25, 2017

A team of NASA scientists and international partners used data from the high-precision science instrument CLASP — the…
Nanotechnology Flight Test: Material Impact on the Future

May 17, 2017

Mastering the intricacies of controlling matter at the nanoscale level is part of a revolutionary quest to apply…
NASA-Funded Sounding Rocket Will Take 1,500 Images of Sun in 5 Minutes

May 6, 2017

On May 5, 2017, scientists will launch a sounding rocket 200 miles up into the atmosphere, where in…
Three Rockets Launched within Hours Explore Auroras over Alaska

March 4, 2017

Three NASA rockets carrying instruments into active auroras over Alaska to aid scientists studying the northern lights and…
One Down, 3 to Go … Sounding Rocket Flies in Alaska to Study Auroras

February 23, 2017

The first of four sounding rockets scheduled for launch from the Poker Flat Research Range in Alaska to…
3, 2, 1… Aurora! 2017 Rocket Campaign Begins in Alaska

January 19, 2017

NASA sounding rocket campaign during January through March 2017, at the Poker Flat Research Range in Alaska will…
NASA-Funded Sounding Rocket Solves One Cosmic Mystery, Reveals Another

September 24, 2016

In the last century, humans realized that space is filled with types of light we can’t see –…
NASA Sets New Guinness World Record

August 19, 2016

NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia has caught the attention of Guinness World Records. Wallops’ sounding rocket team…
Hi-C to Show the Sun’s Corona in Sharp Detail

July 20, 2016

The launch of the Hi-C payload on a NASA Black Brant IX suborbital sounding rocket has been postponed. …
Two NASA Sounding-Rocket Missions to Explore Coronal Nanoflares and Escaping Atoms

May 6, 2016

Why is the sun’s outermost layer 1,000 times hotter than the visible surface of the sun? What are…
NASA’s First Wide-Field Soft-X-ray Camera Is a Gift That Keeps Giving

March 9, 2016

NASA’s first wide-field soft X-ray camera, which incorporated a never-before-flown focusing technology when it debuted in late 2012,…
NASA to Launch FORTIS to Study Extra-Galactic Dust

December 17, 2015

This month, the NASA-funded FORTIS sounding rocket—short for Far-ultraviolet Off Rowland-circle Telescope for Imaging and Spectroscopy—will launch from…
DXL-2: Studying X-ray Emissions in Space

December 4, 2015

The blackness of space. There isn’t much visible light in space – but there are numerous other wavelengths…
Rocket Demonstrates New Capability for Testing Technologies

November 27, 2015

An UP Aerospace SpaceLoft sounding rocket soared into the sky Nov. 6 from Spaceport America, New Mexico, carrying…
PICTURE-B: Seeing Through the Glare

November 10, 2015

Have you ever looked directly at a bright light and been blinded?  If you look away from the…
NASA’s ‘CLASP’ Mission Set to Gauge Upper Solar Chromosphere’s Magnetic Field

September 4, 2015

Conducting science in space is never simple. Imagine trying to study a specific region of the sun, for…
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