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Scientists Develop a Device that Generates Electric Power from Snowfall

April 16, 2019

Researchers from UCLA, in collaboration with colleagues from other institutions, have recently developed a small, flexible, and inexpensive…
Loss of snowpack from global warming likely to accelerate in coming decades

January 16, 2019

A new study has found that changes in the atmospheric circulation since the 1980s have offset most of…
Scientists use 15-years of satellite imagery to study snow’s comings and goings

January 3, 2019

Winter snows are accumulating in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, creating the snowpacks that serve as a primary source…
Dust threatens Utah’s ‘Greatest snow on Earth’

December 27, 2018

Utah’s Wasatch Mountains are famous for having “The Greatest Snow on Earth.” Snow-seekers in pursuit of world-class skiing…
7 interesting facts about snow – what it is, what’s its colour and how warm are igloos?

December 22, 2018

Up here in the Northern hemisphere some of us are currently enjoying a nice white winter. And it…
Drop of water or a piece of ice – which one will disappear quicker?

October 27, 2018

People from countries with strong winters know something that many other people don‘t know. It doesn‘t have to…
Continental growth spurt 2.4B years ago brought snow, oxygen

May 31, 2018

Earth’s first snow may have fallen after a lot of land rose swiftly from the sea and set…
Measuring snow persistence can help predict streamflow

May 17, 2018

With warming climates around the world, many regions are experiencing changes in snow accumulation and persistence. Historically, researchers…
Snowfall patterns may provide clues to Greenland Ice Sheet

April 16, 2018

The Greenland Ice Sheet is melting, discharging hundreds of billions of tons of water into the ocean each…
NASA Visualizes the Dance of a Melting Snowflake

March 30, 2018

A new video features a visualization of the first three-dimensional numerical model of melting snowflakes in the atmosphere,…
Late winter cold temperatures and snow place many trees and plants at risk, says expert

March 19, 2018

Cold temperatures and late winter snow place many types of trees and plants at risk, says Virginia Cooperative Extension…
How much snow accumulates in North America each year? More than scientists thought

March 15, 2018

There’s a lot more snow piling up in the mountains of North America than anyone knew, according to…
Decay of the North American ice sheet since the last ice age decreased climate variability in the Southern Hemisphere

February 19, 2018

The new research co-authored by Dr William Roberts from Bristol’s School of Geographical Sciences and led by the University of Colorado Boulder…
Predicting snowpack in the West before the first flake falls

February 1, 2018

New research suggests that the West’s cities and farms may no longer need to wait all winter to…
Climate change and snowmelt – humid air plays key role in water supplies

January 26, 2018

The future of snowpack and water resources in the American West now has another variable in the equation…
Scientists say that polar snow is not actually sterile – there is actually life there

December 22, 2017

When you bring a juicy piece of meat home, you immediately put it in the freezer. You do…
Seasonal rain and snow trigger small quakes on California faults

June 16, 2017

California’s winter rains and snow depress the Sierra Nevada and Coast Ranges, which then rebound during the summer,…
Study Reveals Secret of Snow And Ice Formation

March 20, 2017

The study of snow and ice goes back centuries, but mysteries still remain as to how it forms…
Recent storms recouped 37 percent of California’s five-year snow-water deficit

January 29, 2017

The recent “atmospheric river” weather pattern that pummeled California with storms from late December to late-January may have…
Earlier snowmelt decreases streamflow, reduces forests’ ability to regulate atmospheric carbon dioxide

August 6, 2016

Earlier annual snowmelt periods may hinder the ability of forests to regulate atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), according to…
Earlier snowmelt reduces forests’ ability to regulate atmospheric carbon, decreases streamflow volume

August 4, 2016

Earlier snowmelt periods associated with a warming climate may hinder subalpine forest regulation of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2),…
Spring snow a no-go?

May 30, 2016

Spring snowpack, relied on by ski resorts and water managers throughout the Western United States, may be more…
A history of snowfall on Greenland, hidden in ancient leaf waxes

May 24, 2016

The history of Greenland’s snowfall is chronicled in an unlikely place: the remains of aquatic plants that died…
Will more snow over Antarctica offset rising seas? Don’t count on it

May 20, 2016

Many factors related to warming will conspire to raise the planet’s oceans over coming decades — thermal expansion…
New twist in old trope about Eskimo words for snow

April 15, 2016

That old trope about there being at least 50 Eskimo words for snow has a new twist. Researchers…
No snow, no hares: Climate change pushes emblematic species north

March 31, 2016

If there is an animal emblematic of the northern winter, it is the snowshoe hare. A forest dweller,…
De-icing concrete could improve roadway safety, guard against corporate espionage

January 22, 2016

A 200-square-foot slab of seemingly ordinary concrete sits just outside the Peter Kiewit Institute as snowflakes begin parachuting…
Autonomous cars in snow: Ford, U-Michigan test at Mcity

January 12, 2016

Typical autonomous vehicle sensors are useless on snow-covered roads, but researchers at the University of Michigan and Ford…
Peering into the secret world of life beneath winter snows

January 6, 2016

Snow covers some 40 percent of Earth’s land masses year in and year out. And, as scientists are…
Arctic snow not darkening due to soot, dust, study finds

November 6, 2015

For millennia, Greenland’s ice sheet reflected sunlight back into space, but satellite measurements in recent years suggest the…
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