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People are trusting virtual assistants way too much

January 3, 2020

Virtual assistants are everywhere nowadays. But have you ever wondered why? They are pretty much free or very…
Hey Siri, an ancient algorithm may help you grasp metaphors

June 29, 2017

Ask Siri to find a math tutor to help you “grasp” calculus and she’s likely to respond that…
Hello, Siri, I’m Depressed

March 15, 2016

Personal voice assistants are increasingly used by smartphone owners for a range of health questions, but in a…
Helping Siri Hear Through a Cocktail Party

August 15, 2015

People trying to talk to Siri may soon no longer have to look like they’re about to eat…
Build your own Siri: An open-source digital assistant

March 13, 2015

An open-source computing system you command with your voice like Apple’s Siri is designed to spark a new…
Hackathon team’s GoogolPlex gives Siri extra powers

April 18, 2014

Four freshmen at the University of Pennsylvania have taken Apple’s personal assistant Siri to behave as a graduate-level…
Apple acquired speech recognition company Novauris Technologies last year to enhance Siri

April 7, 2014

Apple has acquired UK based automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology company called Novauris Technologies, last year in-order to improve…
Jawbone earpiece makes it easier to love smartphones

January 17, 2014

A woman displays “Siri”, voice-activated assistant technology, on an Apple iPhone 4S in Taipei on July 30, 2012…
China court hears claim Apple’s ‘Siri’ is a copycat

July 3, 2013

A case against US technology giant Apple brought by a Chinese firm for alleged patent infringement in its…
Siri takes initiative to learn how to pronounce names in iOS 7

June 25, 2013

When Siri first launched, many users found lots of names were pronounced incorrectly and couldn’t do much beyond adding phonetic…
Google’s virtual assistant invades Siri’s turf

April 30, 2013

Google is trying to upstage Siri, the sometimes droll assistant that answers questions and helps people manage their…
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