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Anger, Anxiety, Insomnia: Tweets from Twitter Users Could Predict Loneliness

November 14, 2019

Loneliness is estimated to affect roughly one in five adults in the United States. It also stands as a…
Words matter: Earnings call language foreshadows credit risk, study finds

October 15, 2019

From officials’ mouths come words that predict bankruptcy, interest spread and more. Using an analysis of thousands of…
Fake news detector algorithm works better than a human

August 24, 2018

An algorithm-based system that identifies telltale linguistic cues in fake news stories could provide news aggregator and social…
Emojis: How we assign meaning to these ever-popular symbols

May 20, 2017

Why is  more popular than  or , when all three express happiness? Why am I less likely to…
SEISE Tool Uses Semantic Gaps to Detect Website Promotional Attacks

May 20, 2016

By detecting semantic inconsistencies in content, researchers have developed a new technique for identifying promotional infections of websites…
Teaching computers to understand human languages

May 10, 2016

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have developed a set of algorithms that will help teach computers to…
RoboBrain: Large-Scale Knowledge Engine for Robots

December 5, 2014

Knowledge sharing is a task no more unique to the humankind. Robots, as a semi-intelligent human creations, are already…
Algebra bridges syntax and meaning in natural language

July 29, 2014

Natural language has been an object of interest in numerous disciplines, ranging from philosophy to biology and –…
Entanglement in quantum phenomena and natural language: are semantics entangled?

May 21, 2014

Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon in quantum mechanics, when one quantum state can not be described independently of…
Scientists construct first map of how the brain organizes everything we see

January 9, 2013

Our eyes may be our window to the world, but how do we make sense of the thousands…
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