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“Push-pull” Dynamic in Brain Network is Key to Stopping Seizures

September 27, 2019

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have discovered that the spreading of seizures through the brain can be suppressed depending on…
Heart - artistic interpretation. Image credit: geralt via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain
Rethinking seizures associated with cardiac disease

August 12, 2019

Most people with a medical condition called long QT syndrome have a mutation in a gene that causes…
Synthetic Version of CBD Treats Seizures in Rats

May 29, 2019

A synthetic, non-intoxicating analogue of cannabidiol (CBD) is effective in treating seizures in rats, according to research by…
Vaccines cause seizures? Not really and you shouldn’t worry about it

April 30, 2019

Every once in a while vaccines come back to the spotlight of attention with public dividing into two…
Students hope to cut ties that bind seizure sufferers

April 25, 2019

Wiring a brain to record epileptic seizures binds a patient to a machine. It’s uncomfortable, to say the…
It’s not epilepsy: Counseling helps those with often misdiagnosed seizure disorder

January 7, 2019

One of four patients admitted to hospitals for evaluation of seizures don’t have epilepsy but rather have a…
Researchers Develop New Highly Effective Wearable Device for Monitoring Epileptic Seizures

December 27, 2018

A research paper recently published by a group of Dutch scientists details a new wearable device, called NightWatch,…
Electronic device implanted in the brain could stop seizures

August 30, 2018

Researchers have successfully demonstrated how an electronic device implanted directly into the brain can detect, stop and even…
Spider venom strikes a blow against childhood epilepsy

August 6, 2018

A devastating form of childhood epilepsy that is resistant to traditional drugs may have met its match in…
Epilepsy study links mossy brain cells to seizures and memory loss

February 21, 2018

A small group of cells in the brain can have a big effect on seizures and memory in…
Minimally Invasive Brain Implant Lessens Seizures

February 21, 2018

UC San Diego Health now offers patients with epilepsy another non-pharmacological way to treat seizures. For the more…
Presurgical imaging may predict whether epilepsy surgery will work

December 12, 2017

Surgery to remove a part of the brain to give relief to patients with epilepsy doesn’t always result…
Linking seizures, heart health and sleeping sickness to bacteria and shape-shifting parasites in the mouth and gut

August 18, 2017

Four studies focused on improving our understanding of the human genome and microbiome were awarded funding through the…
New tool predicts severe risks in mothers with pregnancy complications

March 31, 2017

The study provides the most robust evidence yet to help clinicians decide on the management of mothers-to-be with…
First-of-a-kind model to research post-malaria epilepsy

March 24, 2017

A first-of-its-kind mouse model could lead to an understanding of how cerebral malaria infection leads to the development…
Researchers find widespread disruption of brain activity during absence seizures

November 9, 2016

Scientists believed that absence seizures — the brief loss of consciousness often mistaken for day-dreaming — was caused…
New technique could revolutionise surgical treatment of epilepsy

July 8, 2016

The team of scientists, led by Dr Marc Goodfellow and Professor John Terry, have developed the ground-breaking new…
Breast Cancer Drug Found to Reduce Seizures

May 24, 2016

A class of drug that inhibits estrogen production and is used to treat breast cancer has been found…
Study Finds New Genetic Clues to Pediatric Seizure Disorders

April 7, 2015

Researchers have identified a new genetic mutation at the heart of a severe and potentially deadly seizure disorder…
Seizing Control of Brain Seizures

February 20, 2014

A few years after serving in the Israeli army during the first Gulf War, Daniela Kaufer made a…
Study looks at better prediction for epileptic seizures through adaptive learning approach

November 22, 2013

Dr. Shouyi Wang is an assistant professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Credit: UT Arlington A UT…
Animal study shows promising path to prevent epilepsy

June 21, 2013

Duke Medicine researchers have identified a receptor in the nervous system that may be key to preventing epilepsy…
Genetic basis of acute encephalopathy after prolonged febrile seizures

April 22, 2013

A research group led by Professor Masashi Mizuguchi and Doctor Makiko Saitoh (Graduate School of Medicine, the University…
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