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Researchers discover when it’s good to get the blues

December 17, 2019

Contrary to common belief, blue light may not be as disruptive to our sleep patterns as originally thought…
High amounts of screen time begin as early as infancy, NIH study suggests

November 26, 2019

Children’s average daily time spent watching television or using a computer or mobile device increased from 53 minutes…
A major public health concern – too much screen time is making children overweight

August 27, 2019

We already know that screen time for children should be limited. Watching too much TV impedes their creative…
Children are spending too much time on devices, but parents don’t care

July 26, 2019

Computers are all around us. They are unavoidable and they are actually nice to have. However, children’s’ screen…
Too much screen time hurts toddlers’ social skills, new study shows

June 25, 2019

Toddlers who spend too much time watching television or using devices like tablets have been shown to have…
Screen Time & the Brain

June 20, 2019

Whether we like it or not, digital devices are everywhere. Some of us can barely put them down,…
A Better Way To Study “Screen Time”

April 30, 2019

With children growing up with smartphones, tablets and other mobile technology as a part of everyday life, researchers…
Despite the Popularity of Smart Devices, Children are Watching more TV than Ever, Study Finds

February 19, 2019

Surely, given the near-universal use of smart devices like smartphones and tablets, most of us would suspect that…
Too much screen time will kill you – leave your computer and start exercising now

May 30, 2018

What do you do on your free time? You relax with a good book? Maybe you go for…
Homework vs. video games and social media – the unequal battle

May 15, 2018

Schools are important, but children are still expected to put little bit of work by themselves at home.…
Does your child have a TV in his bedroom? You should consider this

June 6, 2017

Nowadays children grow up with a tablet or a smartphone in their hands and no one seems to…
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