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Think Saturn’s rings are old? Not so fast


A team of researchers has reignited the debate about the age of Saturn’s rings with a study that…
Saturn’s Rings Shine in Hubble’s Latest Portrait

3 days ago

Saturn is so beautiful that astronomers cannot resist using the Hubble Space Telescope to take yearly snapshots of…
Yearly snapshot of Saturn helps astronomers monitor the ringed world

5 days ago

The Hubble Space Telescope’s annual snapshot of Saturn reveals a turbulent, dynamic atmosphere with small storms popping into…
New Models Suggest Titan Lakes Are Explosion Craters

September 10, 2019

Using radar data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, recently published research presents a new scenario to explain why some…
This is Why Saturn’s Rotation is So Hard to Measure

September 10, 2019

For a rocky planet, finding the length of a day can be simple. Just pick a reference point…
NASA’s Dragonfly Will Fly Around Titan Looking for Origins, Signs of Life

June 30, 2019

NASA has announced that our next destination in the solar system is the unique, richly organic world Titan.…
NASA’s Cassini Reveals New Sculpting in Saturn Rings

June 14, 2019

As NASA’s Cassini dove close to Saturn in its final year, the spacecraft provided intricate detail on the…
A unique look at Saturn’s ravioli moons

April 2, 2019

Most of Saturn’s 62 moons orbit their giant planet at a great distance outside the main rings. Only…
NASA’s Cassini Finds Saturn’s Rings Coat Tiny Moons

March 29, 2019

New findings have emerged about five tiny moons nestled in and near Saturn’s rings. The closest-ever flybys by…
Saturn hasn’t always had rings

January 21, 2019

One of the last acts of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft before its death plunge into Saturn’s hydrogen and helium…
NASA’s Cassini Data Show Saturn’s Rings Relatively New

January 18, 2019

The rings of Saturn may be iconic, but there was a time when the majestic gas giant existed…
NASA Research Reveals Saturn is Losing Its Rings at “Worst-Case-Scenario” Rate

December 19, 2018

New NASA research confirms that Saturn is losing its iconic rings at the maximum rate estimated from Voyager…
Groundbreaking Science Emerges from Ultra-Close Orbits of Saturn

October 5, 2018

New research emerging from the final orbits of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft represents a huge leap forward in our…
Cassini bathed in ‘ring rain’ in its final days

October 5, 2018

On its last orbits in 2017, the long-running Cassini spacecraft dove between Saturn’s rings and its upper atmosphere…
Until We Get Another Mission at Saturn, We are Going to Have to Make Do with these Pictures Taken by Hubble

September 14, 2018

We can’t seem to get enough of Saturn. It’s the most visually distinct object in our Solar System…
Cassini’s Final View of Titan’s Northern Lakes and Seas

September 14, 2018

During NASA’s Cassini mission’s final distant encounter with Saturn’s giant moon Titan, the spacecraft captured the enigmatic moon’s…
Saturn’s Famous Hexagon May Tower Above the Clouds

September 6, 2018

A new long-term study using data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has revealed a surprising feature emerging at Saturn’s…
Translucent Arcs of Saturn’s Rings

August 14, 2018

Saturn’s rings are perhaps the most recognized feature of any world in our solar system. Cassini spent more…
Magnetic fields impact atmospheric circulation of gas giant planets

August 10, 2018

Magnetic fields around a planet or a star can overpower the zonal jets that affect atmospheric circulation. New…
New Photos of Saturn and Mars from Hubble

July 29, 2018

During the summer of 2018, the planets of Mars and Saturn (one after the other) have been in…
Listen: Sound of Electromagnetic Energy Moving Between Saturn, Enceladus

July 10, 2018

New research from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft’s up-close Grand Finale orbits shows a surprisingly powerful and dynamic interaction of…
Complex Organics Bubble up from Ocean-world Enceladus

June 28, 2018

Data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft reveal complex organic molecules originating from Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus, strengthening the idea…
Postcard from the Ring Plane

May 8, 2018

On March 13, 2006 Cassini’s narrow-angle camera captured this look at Saturn and its rings, seen here nearly…
Dione on the Edge

April 9, 2018

Saturn’s moon Dione drifts before the planet’s rings, seen here almost edge on. For all their immense width,…
This was Exactly Where Cassini Crashed into Saturn

February 24, 2018

On September 15th, 2017, after nearly 20 years in service, the Cassini spacecraft ended its mission by plunging…
Saturn: Final Frontier

February 21, 2018

This view of Saturn looks toward the planet’s night side, lit by sunlight reflected from the rings. A mosaic of…
Cassini Finds Saturn Moon Has ‘Sea Level’ Like Earth

January 18, 2018

Saturn’s moon Titan may be nearly a billion miles away from Earth, but a recently published paper based…
Twilight Haze

January 17, 2018

In this view, individual layers of haze can be distinguished in the upper atmosphere of Titan, Saturn’s largest…
Cassini Image Mosaic: A Farewell to Saturn

November 22, 2017

In a fitting farewell to the planet that had been its home for over 13 years, the Cassini…
Pandora, the Would-Be Perturber

November 7, 2017

As Cassini hurtled toward its fatal encounter with Saturn, the spacecraft turned to catch this final look at…
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