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Graphene shield shows promise in blocking mosquito bites

August 29, 2019

An innovative graphene-based film helps shield people from disease-carrying mosquitos, according to a new study funded by the…
Global BioLife’s new mosquito repellent formula performs well against mosquitos in independent testing

June 12, 2019

Singapore Exchange-listed Singapore eDevelopment Limited (Stock Code 40V) (“SeD”) wishes to announce that its U.S. biomedical subsidiary, Global…
A new kind of mosquito repellent that comes from bacteria

January 21, 2019

People may soon have a new weapon in the battle against mosquitoes, and it comes from an unusual…
Coconut Oil Compounds Repel Insects Better than DEET

November 5, 2018

Compounds derived from coconut oil are better than DEET at repelling blood-sucking insects, according to a new U.S.…
Scientists investigate how DEET confuses countless critters

October 2, 2018

DEET, thought to be the most effective insect repellent available, may not be an insect repellent at all.…
Driving mosquito evolution to fight malaria

October 26, 2016

One of the frustrations of fighting malaria is that mosquitoes evolve resistance to the insecticides used to kill…
Mosquito-repelling chemicals identified in traditional sweetgrass

August 22, 2015

Native North Americans have long adorned themselves and their homes with fragrant sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata), a native plant…
Researchers Identify Natural Plant Compounds That Work Against Insects

January 28, 2015

Each year millions of deaths result from diseases transmitted by insects.  Insects are also responsible for major economic…
Studies Confirm Breadfruit’s Ability to Repel Insects

November 18, 2013

Breadfruit, used as a folk remedy in Pacific regions to control insects, is an effective mosquito repellent, U.S. Department…
Substance that gives grapefruit its flavor and aroma could give insect pests the boot

September 14, 2013

The citrus flavor and aroma of grapefruit — already used in fruit juices, citrus-flavored beverages, and prestige perfumes…
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