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Tackling impact of racism is key to reducing mental health inequalities

October 11, 2019

To mark World Mental Health Day 2019, the findings of a national consultation involving researchers from The University…
Size of Society Predicts the Appearance of Vengeful Gods, Study Suggests

March 25, 2019

The question of which came first – social complexity and/or size of human settlements, or the belief in…
Disasters do make people more religious, but only when people are injured?

June 29, 2018

We know that people are more religious when something bad happens. However, how exactly disasters impact religiosity? Scientists…
Evangelical and black Protestants and Mormons more likely to turn to religion for answers to science questions

October 17, 2017

When it comes to seeking answers to questions about science, evangelical and black Protestants and Mormons are more…
Turning to religion helps dying people to find meaningfulness in life

August 18, 2017

Dying is extremely mystified phenomenon in our world. We are scared of dying and we would do anything…
Religion does not promote anorexia nervosa – anyone surprised?

April 13, 2017

We as a society have to live by the rules. There are laws that we must follow, social…
College-educated keep the faith, research shows

January 26, 2017

There is a popular notion of higher education being a “faith killer” — that college has a profoundly…
Evangelicals are more skeptical of evolution than of climate change

December 14, 2016

Evangelicals are more skeptical of evolution than of climate change, according to new research from Rice University. Examining…
‘I find peace there’: The role of spirituality in treating postpartum depression in mothers of color

December 7, 2016

Churches and other faith-based communities are an untapped resource that health-care providers should consider when suggesting treatment options…
This is your brain on God

November 30, 2016

Religious and spiritual experiences activate the brain reward circuits in much the same way as love, sex, gambling,…
Church might be good for the health of Christians

May 15, 2016

Religious people pray for health and, sometimes, say that they feel much better after praying if they were…
Handwriting Analysis Provides Clues for Dating of Old Testament Texts

April 13, 2016

Scholars have long debated how much of the Hebrew bible was composed before the destruction of Jerusalem and…
Why ‘no religion’ is the new religion

January 19, 2016

A majority of white British people now identify as having ‘no religion’, a new YouGov survey, carried out…
Sociologist: ‘Faith is a family-friendly force’ for African-Americans and Latinos

January 18, 2016

“By 2050, a majority of Americans will be minorities. Yet scholars know little about faith and family life…
Ancient symbol of Christianity discovered in Israel on Christmas Eve

December 30, 2015

Usually news about science are related to health, technology or social behaviour studies. Archaeology is not featured that…
Religion and politics led to social tension and conflict 2,000 years ago

December 23, 2015

Humans haven’t learned much in 2,000 years when it comes to religion and politics. Religion has led to…
Q&A: why millennials are leaving religion but embracing spirituality

December 15, 2015

Spiritual but not religious.” This tagline has become increasingly popular with the millennial generation – aged 18 to…
Jewish cuisine punching above its paunch

December 7, 2015

In the late 30s, you could get a smoked meat sandwich for five cents,” said Olivier Bauer, a…
Overcoming assumptions about Islamic Art

August 26, 2015

Whether they understand the language or not, the traveler to a foreign country is likely to find their…
Psych prof: Science vs. religion may be the wrong question

August 17, 2015

Would voters entrust the White House to an atheist? Are atheists less trustworthy than those who believe in…
Lancaster researcher helps to develop a pioneering digital prayer project

July 6, 2015

The project will enable churches in Hawkshead and Hackney to share their prayers with each other, using digital…
Science vs. religion… or science and religion?

March 27, 2015

Many of America’s cultural battles in recent decades seem to be face-offs between science and faith: over the…
UW expert part of international research project on female genital cutting

March 16, 2015

Decades of efforts to end female genital cutting have resulted in some progress, but the ancient tradition stubbornly…
Religion and support for birth control health coverage can mix

March 16, 2015

New research debunks the assumption that a woman’s religion predicts her views on policies affecting reproductive health care…
Monkeys for equal pay (and every cat for itself)

March 13, 2015

A philosopher once wrote to Frans de Waal, explaining the flaw in the primatologist’s findings on what he…
Thinking of God makes people bigger risk-takers

February 27, 2015

Reminders of God can make people more likely to seek out and take risks, according to research published…
Unlike Western Religions, Buddhism Found to Promote Outgroup Tolerance

February 20, 2015

A substantial amount of anthropological and social psychology data has shown that religion, on average, is beneficial for…
Religiosity has many positive effects, studies reveal

December 10, 2014

More and more research documents that religion and spirituality exert positive influence on various dimensions of our well-being.…
Study suggests that environmental dangers strengthen belief in moralizing Gods

December 2, 2014

Why faith in moralizing Gods is present in some societies and absent in others?  Interdisciplinary team of researchers…
How moral behavior of believers and nonbelievers differ?

October 6, 2014

Is moral behavior of religious and non-religious individuals different? Results of recent psychological experiments suggest that significant differences…
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