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‘I am multiracial’

October 24, 2019

“What are you?” It’s a loaded question, and for people with multiple racial ancestries, it can be a…
How discrimination, PTSD may lead to high rates of preterm birth among African-American women

March 22, 2019

African-American women are nearly twice as likely to give birth prematurely as white women. Such births often coincide…
More racial diversity among physicians would lead to better health among black men, research shows

July 20, 2018

African-American doctors could help reduce cardiovascular mortality among black men by 19 percent — if there was more…
Black children subjected to higher discipline rates than peers

July 18, 2018

Elementary school discipline policies that rely on expulsions or suspensions as punishment may be fostering childhood inequality, a…
Perceived threat to racial status leads to opposition of welfare among white Americans, Stanford sociologist finds

June 7, 2018

White Americans’ attitudes toward welfare are influenced by information about demographic standing, says Stanford sociologist Robb Willer in…
UI study finds black Americans face education, income barriers to healthy behaviors

May 28, 2018

Better educational opportunities and higher incomes may be key to closing the gap of cardiovascular health behaviors—including smoking,…
Age-related racial disparity in suicide rates among U.S. youth

May 23, 2018

New research suggests the suicide rate is roughly two times higher for black children ages 5-12 compared with…
Designing and building a mini automated vehicle

May 7, 2018

Throughout their studies students in the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering develop their skills and knowledge working…
Helping police, public understand how perception shapes race bias

February 2, 2018

Stephen Biggs noticed something missing from the conversations on campus about race and the Black Lives Matter movement.…
Impact of religion and racial pride on classroom discrimination

January 26, 2018

Two important factors seem to explain black American adolescents’ experiences with teacher-based racial discrimination – religiosity and racial…
Healthy racial identity important for adolescent African-American girls

December 28, 2017

The education impact can be traced to adolescence: African-American girls with strong racial identity are more likely to…
Racial bias negligible in test to predict future crimes

November 16, 2016

Efforts to relieve the human and financial toll of prison overcrowding often rely on predictive tools that estimate…
Study: Majority of Americans think that President Obama is biracial

November 10, 2014

A new study shows that a majority of Americans think that President Obama should present him not as…
Race and the interest in the hard sciences: is there a link?

September 24, 2014

Hard sciences are usually dominated by men. However, a recent study carried out by American psychologists reveals that…
Weight Management Program Also Reduces Depression Among Black Women

July 18, 2014

An intervention program aimed at helping obese women maintain their weight without adding pounds also significantly reduced depression…
Interracial daters are evaluated as more attractive, psychologists claim

July 11, 2014

New socio-psychological study carried out by scientists at the University of California reveals an interesting fact: Interracial daters…
For Unwed Parents, a ‘Magic Moment’ When Marriage Still Beckons

July 3, 2014

If unwed parents are going to get married, the best window of opportunity for that union seems to…
UCLA fact sheets provide detailed snapshot of adult Californians’ health by race, ethnicity

June 17, 2014

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research has issued a series of easy-to-read fact sheetswith health statistics on five major ethnic…
New study aims to bust myths about Indigenous sports stars

June 16, 2014

A University of Sydney study aims to bust common myths about the remarkable achievements of Indigenous Australians in…
As Economy Declines, African Americans Appear “Blacker,” NYU Study Shows

June 10, 2014

When the economy declines, African Americans are more likely to be seen as “Blacker” and to bear stereotypical…
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