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Team uses golden “lollipop” to observe elusive interference effect at the nanoscale

November 16, 2019

Electrons in atoms are pretty talented. They can form chemical bonds, get kicked out of the atom and…
Chemists observe “spooky” quantum tunneling

November 5, 2019

A molecule of ammonia, NH3, typically exists as an umbrella shape, with three hydrogen atoms fanned out in…
Pushing Quantum Photonics

October 23, 2019

Quantum computers use the fundamentals of quantum mechanics to potentially speed up the process of solving complex computations.…
Blanket of light may give better quantum computers

October 22, 2019

A ‘blanket’ of thousands of quantum-mechanically entangled light pulses has the potential to pave the way for more…
Diversity May Be Key to Reducing Errors in Quantum Computing

October 16, 2019

In quantum computing, as in team building, a little diversity can help get the job done better, computer…
UO’s new quantum scientist aims to get qubits talking

October 14, 2019

England-native David Allcock had unfinished research in Colorado when the University of Oregon hired him in September 2018,…
An artist's conception of RNA instructions read from a DNA molecule. Image credit: Darryl Leja/NHGRI
Picoscience and a plethora of new materials

October 10, 2019

The revolutionary tech discoveries of the next few decades, the ones that will change daily life, may come…
Electronic states: How to create things that don’t exist

October 3, 2019

The newest theoretical physics professor at Aalto calculates what we need to do to create electronic states that…
Stanford experiment harnesses atoms to detect gravitational waves

September 27, 2019

Hidden deep in a basement at Stanford stands a 10-meter-tall tube, wrapped in a metal cage and draped…
One small step for electrons, one giant leap for quantum computers

September 27, 2019

Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize technology, medicine, and science by providing faster and more efficient processors,…
Nano bulb lights novel path

September 19, 2019

What may be viewed as the world’s smallest incandescent lightbulb is shining in a Rice University engineering laboratory…
Study: ‘Traffic light’ brings quantum waves to a halt

September 18, 2019

Stop! In the name of quantum science and engineering. The familiar refrain relates to a new achievement in…
Exotic physics phenomenon is observed for first time

September 9, 2019

An exotic physical phenomenon, involving optical waves, synthetic magnetic fields, and time reversal, has been directly observed for…
Nanoscale origami: Smallest-ever, atomically precise structures set stage for quantum breakthroughs

September 9, 2019

If you think learning traditional paper origami is a difficult practice, try wrapping your head around origami on…
Physicists mash quantum and gravity and find time, but not as we know it

August 26, 2019

A University of Queensland-led international team of researchers say they have discovered “a new kind of quantum time…
Scientists film molecular rotation

July 29, 2019

Quantum movie displays probability density distribution of rotating carbonyl sulphide molecules. Scientists have used precisely tuned pulses of…
Physicists count sound particles with quantum microphone

July 29, 2019

Stanford physicists have developed a “quantum microphone” so sensitive that it can measure individual particles of sound, called…
A microscopic image of multiple electrodes on a sheet of Weyl semimetal, with red and blue arrows depicting the circular movement of the light-induced electrical current by either left- (blue) or right-circularly polarized light (right). Image credit: Zhurun Ji
Unique electrical properties in quantum materials can be controlled using light

July 16, 2019

Insights from quantum physics have allowed engineers to incorporate components used in circuit boards, optical fibers, and control…
Princeton researchers have built an electronic array on a microchip that simulates particle interactions in a hyperbolic plane, a geometric surface in which space curves away from itself at every point. Illustration by the researchers
Strange warping geometry helps to push scientific boundaries

July 16, 2019

Atomic interactions in everyday solids and liquids are so complex that some of these materials’ properties continue to…
Physicists find first possible 3D quantum spin liquid

July 16, 2019

There’s no known way to prove a three-dimensional “quantum spin liquid” exists, so Rice University physicists and their…
Physicists discover family members of Schrödinger’s cat

July 11, 2019

It has been said that the internet exists chiefly to show videos of cats interacting with boxes. An…
Characterizing the ‘arrow of time’ in open quantum systems

July 10, 2019

Even in the strange world of open quantum systems, the arrow of time points steadily forward — most…
Jigang Wang and his collaborators have demonstrated light-induced acceleration of supercurrents, which could enable practical applications of quantum mechanics such as computing, sensing and communicating. Image credit: Jigang Wang.
Physicists use light waves to accelerate supercurrents, enable ultrafast quantum computing

July 3, 2019

Iowa State’s Jigang Wang and a team of collaborators have discovered that terahertz light –light at trillions of…
Quantum Artistry

June 25, 2019

To touch the untouchable. That idea is both the inspiration and the aim of a new work of…
Feel the force? Study points to non-Newtonian force affecting particles’ flight

June 4, 2019

When Nebraska’s Herman Batelaan and colleagues recently submitted a research paper that makes the case for the existence…
New insights into quantum measurements

April 26, 2019

Researchers from the University of Bristol have shed new light on the process of quantum measurement, one of…
Experts move one step closer to demystifying the quantum world

February 27, 2019

The quantum world is notoriously complex, its multiple layers and miniscule components eluding standard analytical approaches. One of…
JILA researchers make coldest quantum gas of molecules

February 27, 2019

JILA researchers have made a long-lived, record-cold gas of molecules that follow the wave patterns of quantum mechanics…
Q-FARM initiative to bolster quantum research at Stanford-SLAC

February 15, 2019

There’s a new farm on the Farm. Stanford and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have launched a new Quantum Fundamentals, ARchitecture and Machines…
Quantum optics: new tricks needed

December 3, 2018

Since the discovery of quantum mechanics, in the early 20th century, physicists have relied on optics to test…
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