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Volkswagen is using quantum computers to optimize the traffic flow

November 1, 2019

Quantum computers are here to stay. They can be used in a variety of different ways, but Volkswagen…
Examples of different types of symmetry. (Image: Murch laboratory)
Complex energies, quantum symmetries

October 8, 2019

In a certain sense, physics is the study of the universe’s symmetries. Physicists strive to understand how systems…
Machine learning at the quantum lab

October 2, 2019

The electron spin of individual electrons in quantum dots could serve as the smallest information unit of a…
Study: ‘Traffic light’ brings quantum waves to a halt

September 18, 2019

Stop! In the name of quantum science and engineering. The familiar refrain relates to a new achievement in…
A ‘new chapter’ in quest for novel quantum materials

August 28, 2019

In an oven, aluminum is remarkable because it can serve as foil over a casserole without ever becoming…
Stanford researchers design a light-trapping, color-converting crystal

August 8, 2019

Five years ago, Stanford postdoctoral scholar Momchil Minkov encountered a puzzle that he was impatient to solve. At the heart…
Physicists Make Graphene Discovery that Could Help Develop Superconductors

August 2, 2019

When two mesh screens are overlaid, beautiful patterns appear when one screen is offset. These “moiré patterns” have…
Can entangled qubits be used to probe black holes?

March 8, 2019

Physicists have used a seven-qubit quantum computer to simulate the scrambling of information inside a black hole, heralding…
Joseph Lukens, Raphael Pooser, and Nick Peters (from left) of ORNL’s Quantum Information Science Group developed and tested a new interferometer made from highly nonlinear fiber in pursuit of improved sensitivity at the quantum scale. Credit: Carlos Jones/ORNL
Novel fiber-optic device lays foundation for quantum-enhanced measurements

January 5, 2019

By analyzing a pattern formed by the intersection of two beams of light, researchers can capture elusive details…
New method to boost efficiency of quantum cryptography

October 17, 2018

Once the quantum computer becomes a reality, it will make most of the encryption used today to secure…
Researchers ‘teleport’ a quantum gate

September 6, 2018

Yale University researchers have demonstrated one of the key steps in building the architecture for modular quantum computers:…
Quantum bugs, meet your new swatter

August 21, 2018

A Rice University computer scientist and his colleagues have proposed a method to accelerate and simplify the imposing…
NSF launches effort to create first practical quantum computer

August 13, 2018

From codebreaking to aircraft design, complex problems in a wide range of fields exist that even today’s best…
New algorithm for simulating the structure of quantum systems on a quantum photonic chip

January 30, 2018

They have tested this algorithm on a silicon quantum photonic processor which performs the computation using photons, the…
Rules for superconductivity mirrored in ‘excitonic insulator’

December 11, 2017

Rice University physicists dedicated to creating the working components of a fault-tolerant quantum computer have succeeded in creating…
Quantum logic with photons

July 14, 2016

Light particles completely ignore each other. In order that these particles can nevertheless switch each other when processing…
The beginning of the end for encryption schemes?

March 10, 2016

What are the prime factors, or multipliers, for the number 15? Most grade school students know the answer…
Advance in quantum error correction

May 26, 2015

Quantum computers are largely theoretical devices that could perform some computations exponentially faster than conventional computers can. Crucial…
Simon’s algorithm run on quantum computer for the first time—faster than on standard computer

November 18, 2014

A team of researchers working in South Africa has reported that they’ve successfully run Simon’s algorithm on a…
Development of new ion traps advances quantum computing systems

June 13, 2014

GTRI’s Quantum Information Systems Branch includes 15 scientists, engineers and students. From left are Alexa Harter, Curtis Volin,…
Quantum computing machine under scrutiny

March 20, 2014

A new and innovative computing machine is currently attracting a great deal of attention in specialist circles. A…
How do you build a large-scale quantum computer?

February 28, 2014

Integration brings quantum computer a step closer

January 31, 2014

An international research group of scientists and engineers led by the University of Bristol, UK, has made an…
Google tests benchmark status of D-Wave 2 quantum computer

January 27, 2014

Google along-with NASA had announced partnership in May 2013, and formed the Quantum A.I. Lab. The purpose behind…
Researchers create on-chip interference between pairs of photon sources

January 16, 2014

Schematic of device operation. Credit: Nature Photonics (2013) doi:10.1038/nphoton.2013.339 A team made up of researchers from several countries has succeeded…
NSA is developing Quantum Computer which will break all current forms of encryption

January 6, 2014

 In a fresh revelation, the leaked documents provided by former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden gives…
Researchers find a way to stabilize the magnetic moment of a single holmium atom

November 15, 2013

Three-dimensional topographic STM image of single Ho atoms adsorbed on Pt(111) at 4.4 K. Credit: Nature 503, 242–246 (14 November…
New material for quantum computing discovered out of the blue

October 28, 2013

A common blue pigment used in the £5 note could have an important role to play in the…
A “Hot Spot” for Quantum Information

October 25, 2013

What will a quantum computer look like? It will probably not resemble your laptop. Yet, the semiconductor industry,…
Scientists take a quieter step closer to first practical quantum computer

October 10, 2013

Scientists working to produce the world’s fastest, most powerful computers have moved a step closer to creating a…
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