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Achieving Quantum Supremacy

October 28, 2019

Researchers in UC Santa Barbara/Google scientist John Martinis’ group have made good on their claim to quantum supremacy. Using 53 entangled…
Colored electron microscope image of the nanobolometer. The dark oval at the bottom left represents a 1.3-micrometer-long Ralstonia mannitolilytica bacterium. Image credit: Roope Kokkoniemi/Aalto University
Radiation detector with the lowest noise in the world boosts quantum work

October 14, 2019

Researchers from Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have built a super-sensitive bolometer, a type…
One small step for electrons, one giant leap for quantum computers

September 27, 2019

Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize technology, medicine, and science by providing faster and more efficient processors,…
Yale Quantum Engineering Gets a Boost From DOE Grant

October 18, 2018

A team of researchers from Yale Engineering and Yale’s Quantum Institute has been selected by the U.S. Department…
Superconducting Metamaterial Traps Quantum Light

September 29, 2018

Conventional computers store information in a bit, a fundamental unit of logic that can take a value of…
Quantum bugs, meet your new swatter

August 21, 2018

A Rice University computer scientist and his colleagues have proposed a method to accelerate and simplify the imposing…
Quantum Computing: Complexity, Fidelity, Application

April 16, 2018

Things are getting real for researchers in the UC Santa Barbara John Martinis/Google group. They are making good on their…
Better together: Silicon qubits plus light add up to new quantum computing capability

February 23, 2018

The research, published in the journal Nature, was led by researchers at Princeton University in collaboration with colleagues at the…
Neutrons zero in on the elusive magnetic Majorana fermion

June 11, 2017

Neutron scattering has revealed in unprecedented detail new insights into the exotic magnetic behavior of a material that,…
New ways of representing information could transform digital technology

June 5, 2017

Unique geometries for electron magnetic moments may overcome fundamental limits of computer memory and logic Many people who…
Fast track control accelerates switching of quantum bits

January 13, 2017

From laptops to cellphones, today’s technology advances through the ever-increasing speed at which electric charges are directed through…
Moving electrons around loops with light: A quantum device based on geometry

February 24, 2016

While a classical bit found in conventional electronics exists only in binary one or zero states, the more…
Superconducting qubit and magnetic sphere hybrid

July 28, 2015

Researchers in the University of Tokyo have demonstrated that it is possible to exchange a quantum bit, the…
New method of quantum entanglement vastly increases how much information can be carried in a photon

June 30, 2015

Ateam of researchers led by UCLA electrical engineers has demonstrated a new way to harness light particles, or…
Getting the measure of matter

June 17, 2015

Peter Rohde and his collaborators develop big ideas – and a measure of corny humour – using photons,…
Strength in Numbers

March 5, 2015

Researchers develop the first-ever quantum device that detects and corrects its own errors When scientists develop a full…
Calling long distance between superconducting qubits – enabling remote quantum applications and teleportation

July 7, 2014

Researchers have developed a way for superconducting quantum chips to talk to each other over large distances through…
Quantum computation: Fragile yet error-free

June 13, 2014

Physicists have experimentally encoded one quantum bit (qubit) in entangled states distributed over several particles and for the…
Superconducting Qubit Array Points the Way to Quantum Computers

April 24, 2014

A fully functional quantum computer is one of the holy grails of physics. Unlike conventional computers, the quantum…
Progress in the fight against quantum dissipation

April 17, 2014

Scientists at Yale have confirmed a 50-year-old, previously untested theoretical prediction in physics and improved the energy storage…
Entangling the atoms in an optical lattice for quantum computation

March 18, 2014

Fig. 1: Quantum computer Nippon Telegraph and Telephone has proposed a method for generating a large-scale entangled quantum…
Qubitcoins to Stop Counterfeiting

January 2, 2014

In October, the Federal Reserve rolled out the newest iteration of the venerable $100 bill. It’s colorful and…
Resonant Exchange Qubits

September 24, 2013

Encoding information using quantum bits—which can be maintained in a superposition of states—is at the heart of quantum…
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