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Partial rendering of protein folding. Image credit: Tnguyen2791 via Wikimedia, CC0 Public Domain
Penn Engineers’ ‘LADL’ Uses Light to Serve Up On-demand Genome Folding

July 22, 2019

Every cell in your body has a copy of your genome, tightly coiled and packed into its nucleus.…
Infection-fighting protein senses protein misfolding in non-infected cells

July 15, 2019

Researchers at the University of Toronto have uncovered an immune mechanism where host cells combat bacterial infection –…
Folding Revolution

April 19, 2019

Nearly every fundamental biological process necessary for life is carried out by proteins. They create and maintain the…
Computational biology project aims to better understand protein folding

March 1, 2019

When Greg Bowman presents a slideshow about the proteins he studies, their 3D shapes and folding patterns play…
New method uses fluorescence to identify disease-causing forms of proteins

February 15, 2019

A new method uses fluorescence to detect potentially disease-causing forms of proteins as they unravel due to stress…
Researchers identify key players in mysterious process of protein quality control

December 3, 2018

Proteins are the workhorses of our cells, carrying out essential tasks to keep our cells – and our…
New polymer allows researchers to study how proteins fold, function

August 16, 2017

University of Michigan biophysicists and chemists have created a new polymer that mimics a cell membrane, allowing proteins…
Unwinding the mysteries of protein folding

March 6, 2017

Unwinding an individual single-molecule composed of a helical string of amino acids stitched through the boundary of a…
Computer simulations explore how Alzheimer’s disease starts

October 8, 2016

A new Rice University study uses computer simulations to explore the initial steps of the molecular process that…
Online gamers invited to tackle rare muscle disorder

October 3, 2016

Gamers who have helped scientists understand the structure of hundreds of complex proteins by playing an online protein…
Foldit video gamers beat pros in protein-folding contest

September 19, 2016

Gamers playing the popular online puzzle game Foldit triumphed over scientists, college students and computer algorithms in a…
New front in war on Alzheimer’s, other protein-folding diseases

October 22, 2014

A surprise discovery that overturns decades of thinking about how the body fixes proteins that come unraveled greatly…
Real science & gaming – scientists employ the computing power of human minds

August 20, 2014

Citizen science is on-the-rise like never before, owing largely to the Internet which allows to connect thousands of…
Gene prevents buildup of misfolded cell proteins

January 24, 2014

Much like how a snowplow is needed to clear streets of heavy snow, cells employ a set of…
Update: Unraveling Misfolded Molecules Using “Reprogrammed” Yeast Protein Could Lead to New Brain Disease Therapies

January 21, 2014

At the heart of brain diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease is…
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