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A single-injection vaccine for the polio virus

May 22, 2018

A new nanoparticle vaccine developed by MIT researchers could assist efforts to eradicate polio worldwide. The vaccine, which…
An Achilles heel discovered in viruses could fuel new antiviral approaches

January 31, 2018

Scientists at the Morgridge Institute for Research have discovered a promising new target to fight a class of…
Team Develops Plant-based Polio Booster Vaccine

July 21, 2016

Jonas Salk created a vaccine against polio that has been used since 1955; Albert Sabin created another version…
How to wipe out polio and prevent its re-emergence

June 23, 2015

Public health officials stand poised to eliminate polio from the planet. But a new study shows that the…
ORNL’s Urban Dynamics Institute joins global fight against polio

October 21, 2014

The new Urban Dynamics Institute at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory is working with…
Two polio vaccines may give greater protection against crippling disease

August 22, 2014

Using two types of polio vaccines seems to provide stronger protection against the disease and may boost efforts…
War, conflict and distrust threaten fight against polio

October 30, 2013

The World Health Organisation has launched a huge immunisation programme to tackle the first suspected cases of polio in Syria…
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