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Gator blood contains naturally strong germ fighters

February 12, 2015

Sophisticated germ fighters found in alligator blood may help future soldiers in the field fend off infection, according…
Victims May Be Able to Identify Violent Offenders Based on Body Odour

January 28, 2015

Despite being only 45 to 60 per cent accurate, the eyewitness line-up is still a standard procedure in…
Australian Ebola case risk reducing, yet remains

December 15, 2014

A study published by University of Adelaide researchers has quantified the risk of Ebola importation to Australia over…
Scary centipede’s genes reveal how life evolved on our planet

November 26, 2014

Centipedes, those many-legged creatures that startle us in our homes and gardens, have been genetically sequenced for the…
Study suggests that hungry people make smarter decisions

November 19, 2014

Do so called hot states impair our decision making when we try to solve complex problems? New study…
Using Wikipedia to forecast diseases

November 17, 2014

Scientists can now monitor and forecast diseases around the globe more effectively by analyzing views of Wikipedia articles,…
Big preys reinforced emergence of big groups, new study suggests

November 13, 2014

Usually hunts organized by small groups are as efficient as attacks carried out by more populous ones. This…
Sleep starts later as teens age, but school still starts early

November 12, 2014

By following dozens of younger and older adolescents for more than two years, researchers in a new study…
Study shows direct brain interface between humans

November 6, 2014

Sometimes, words just complicate things. What if our brains could communicate directly with each other, bypassing the need…
New study suggests that need for stable knowledge causes antipathy for abstract art

November 4, 2014

Is beauty an objective quality? Or is it a matter of subjective evaluation? Recent psychological research contributes to…
Plump turtles swim better: First models of swimming animals

October 31, 2014

Bigger is better, if you’re a leatherback sea turtle. For the first time, researchers at the University of…
Work-related burnout is bad for your brain

October 30, 2014

The symptoms of acute chronic stress are relatively well known – difficulties concentrating, memory problems, body aches, sleeplessness,…
How to improve our scientific practice?

October 29, 2014

One of the founders of classical economics Adam Smith noticed that “before the invention of the art of…
Apes steal in the nighttime

October 24, 2014

New study shows that apes, whose natural habitat is endangered by human activity, organize cropland robberies. In fact,…
How much gravity is enough? Study of how astronauts determine ‘up’ in space

September 4, 2014

Keeping upright in a low-gravity environment is not easy, and NASA documents abound with examples of astronauts falling…
Artillery fungus

August 28, 2014

The species in the kingdom of Fungi are the most important decomposers of organic material among all life…
An Alien Candidate on Earth

August 27, 2014

The first thing a majority of people think about when they hear a word ‘Life’ is the diversity…
Only small scientific elite publishes continuously

August 8, 2014

The number of academic publications has increased significantly over the past decades. Researchers, who publish continuously and without…
Fast urbanization does not boost economy, study shows

August 7, 2014

World became more urbanized over the last three decades. Expanding urban areas helped to boost local economies. Many…
Scientists investigate how children perceive annihilation of tropical forests

August 6, 2014

If people forget how jungle looks like, will they be motivated to recreate them? As understanding of how…
Dogs can be jealous, study suggests

July 28, 2014

Dogs can be jealous, a new study suggests. It is often assumed that this emotional state is human─unique.…
Living place influences belief in climate change, study shows

July 23, 2014

The absolute majority of scientists are sure that global warming is a result of human action. However, many…
New model for belief-revision which accounts for confirmation bias

July 22, 2014

Many of our cognitive decisions can be said to be made without our own consent. For example, it…
Schizophrenics loose their brain tissue due to medication, study suggests

July 22, 2014

Studies demonstrate that brain volume decreases during our life-time. Brain tissue of Schizophrenia patients disappears faster. A new…
Rich (in Bitcoin) do get richer than others, analysts say

July 19, 2014

There is a truism which says that richer always get richer and poorer get poorer. Despite its strong…
Do potential suiciders prefer Film Noir movies?

July 18, 2014

Previous research shows that self-murder of motion-picture characters can cause the so called copycat suicides. A team of…
Smartphones can be used for psychology experiments

July 17, 2014

Limitations of traditional laboratory studies can be fixed by online experiments. However, many scientists remain cautious, because web-based…
Color-odor associations are not universal, scientists claim

July 11, 2014

Previous studies revealed that people tend associate particular odors with particular colors. For instance, it was demonstrated that…
Malicious joy is a reaction to unfair divisions, study suggests

July 7, 2014

People often feel Schadenfreude – malicious joy triggered by the misfortune of the other person. But when and…
Scientists propose novel explanation of obesity

June 12, 2014

Obesity is among the biggest health-problems of our century. However, presently available explanations cannot account for the fact…
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