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A new study shows that hydrogen atoms are loosely bound and highly mobile on the surface of a platinum catalyst during the water splitting reaction. Credit: Peterson Lab / Brown University
Research provides new design principle for water-splitting catalysts

December 31, 2019

Understanding why platinum is such a good catalyst for producing hydrogen from water could lead to new and…
Platinum breakthrough for cleaner and cheaper catalysts

October 17, 2019

Scientists have developed a new way of significantly reducing the amount of platinum used in catalysts, opening up…
New Catalyst Outshines Platinum for Producing Hydrogen

October 1, 2019

PNNL develops a durable, inexpensive molybdenum-phosphide catalyst that efficiently converts wastewater and seawater into hydrogen. Hydrogen, the most…
Platinum-Graphene Atomically-thin Fuel Cell Catalysts Show Superior Stability Over Bulk Platinum

September 19, 2019

Films of platinum only two atoms thick supported by graphene could enable fuel cell catalysts with unprecedented catalytic…
For hydrogen fuel cells, mundane materials might be almost as good as pricey platinum

June 18, 2019

As anyone who has purchased jewelry can attest, platinum is expensive. That’s tough for consumers but also a…
Making Every Atom Count to Reduce Auto Emissions

April 14, 2019

New approach enables lower temperature chemical reactions Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and their collaborators have made…
Vehicles—Fuel cell power up

January 12, 2019

Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists studying fuel cells as a potential alternative to internal combustion engines used sophisticated…
The Hawkeye State’s hidden potential may be its geology

January 8, 2019

A wealth of riches may lie below the hills of northeast Iowa. University of Iowa geologists are leading an…
Illuminating Nanoparticle Growth with X-rays

December 31, 2018

Ultrabright x-rays at NSLS-II reveal key details of catalyst growth for more efficient hydrogen fuel cells Hydrogen fuel…
Researchers use jiggly Jell-O to make powerful new hydrogen fuel catalyst

December 17, 2018

A cheap and effective new catalyst developed by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, can generate hydrogen…
Argonne chemist Lina Chong (foreground) holds a sample catalyst while Argonne chemist Di-Jia Liu looks on. (Image by Argonne National Laboratory.)
Scientists maximize the effectiveness of platinum in fuel cells

December 14, 2018

Platinum is a precious metal more rare than silver or gold. Renowned in the fuel cell community for its…
Single Atoms Break Carbon’s Strongest Bond

October 8, 2018

Scientists discovered that single atoms of platinum can break the bond between carbon and fluorine, one of the…
Catalyst Advance Could Lead to Economical Fuel Cells

September 4, 2018

Researchers at Washington State University have developed a new way to make low-cost, single-atom catalysts for fuel cells…
A Sprinkle of Platinum Nanoparticles Onto Graphene Makes Brain Probes More Sensitive

June 18, 2018

Graphene electrodes could enable higher quality imaging of brain cell activity thanks to new research by a team…
Lego-like chemical building blocks assemble themselves to create a catalyst for hydrogen fuel cells

June 1, 2018

What’s better than platinum? In hydrogen fuel cells, the answer is cofacial cobalt porphyrins. It’s a mouthful to…
Nickel in the X-ray limelight

March 27, 2018

Making chemicals for industrial processes often requires scientists to use a catalyst — a substance that speeds up…
Heavy Metal: Comet-driven megafauna extinction?

March 13, 2017

Roughly 13,000 years ago, large ice-age mammals known as megafauna — horses, camels, mammoths, mastodons and many others —…
Chemistry on the Edge: Study Pinpoints Most Active Areas of Reactions on Nanoscale Particles

January 12, 2017

Defects and jagged surfaces at the edges of nanosized platinum and gold particles are key hot spots for…
Scientists Boost Catalytic Activity for Key Chemical Reaction in Fuel Cells

December 19, 2016

New platinum-based catalysts with tensile surface strain could improve fuel cell efficiency Fuel cells are a promising technology…
For platinum catalysts, a tiny squeeze gives a big boost in performance, study finds

December 5, 2016

A nanosize squeeze can significantly boost the performance of platinum catalysts that help generate energy in fuel cells,…
Simulating complex catalysts key to making cheap, powerful fuel cells

August 11, 2016

Using a unique combination of advanced computational methods, University of Wisconsin–Madison chemical engineers have demystified some of the…
Researchers improve catalyst efficiency for clean industries

July 11, 2016

Researchers have developed a way to use less platinum in chemical reactions commonly used in the clean energy,…
Cheaper platinum alloys for fuel cells

April 6, 2016

Fuel cells are attractive as eco-friendly energy sources, for example for hydrogen-powered vehicles. But due to the large…
Bacteria play a major role in formation and cycling of platinum

March 24, 2016

Platinum is a precious metal, used to make jewellery, luxury watches, catalytic converters and other highly valuable products.…
For this Nanocatalyst, One Atom Makes a Big Difference

February 2, 2016

Combining experimental investigations and theoretical simulations, researchers have explained why platinum nanoclusters of a specific size range facilitate…
Promising technique improves hydrogen production of affordable alternative to platinum

October 27, 2015

Scientists have demonstrated that microwaves can help create nanostructured molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) catalysts with an improved ability to…
Single Atom Alloy Platinum-Copper Catalysts Cut Costs, Boost Green Technology

October 15, 2015

A new generation of platinum-copper catalysts that require very low concentrations of platinum in the form of individual…
Discovery of a highly efficient catalyst eases way to hydrogen economy

September 15, 2015

Hydrogen could be the ideal fuel: Whether used to make electricity in a fuel cell or burned to…
For faster, larger graphene add a liquid layer

July 16, 2015

In just 15 minutes the method can produce large graphene crystals around 2-3 millimetres in size that it…
Fueled by nanoparticles, new catalyst does more with less platinum

July 4, 2015

Platinum is a highly reactive and in-demand catalyst across the chemical and energy industries, but a team of…
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