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ATLAS sees first direct evidence of light-by-light scattering at high energy

August 15, 2017

Geneva, 14 August 2017. Physicists from the ATLAS experiment at CERN have found the first direct evidence of high…
Researchers use Raman spectroscopy and STM to allow chemical mapping of molecules to 1nm resolution

June 7, 2013

A team of researchers working at China’s University of Science and Technology has succeeded in developing a chemical…
Power plants: UGA researchers explore how to harvest electricity directly from plants

May 10, 2013

Athens, Ga. – The sun provides the most abundant source of energy on the planet. However, only a…
Chaos proves superior to order

May 8, 2013

An international team of physicists, including researchers from the Universities of York and St. Andrews, has demonstrated that…
New experiments set to detect gravitational waves

May 6, 2013

Over the next five years, Mansi Kasliwal writes in an astrophysics perspective in the journal Science, researchers will begin…
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