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Physicists count sound particles with quantum microphone

July 29, 2019

Stanford physicists have developed a “quantum microphone” so sensitive that it can measure individual particles of sound, called…
‘Optical tweezer’ takes Nobel concept in a new direction

April 9, 2019

Thirty-three years ago, Arthur Ashkin showed how a very tightly focused laser beam attracts tiny particles towards it.…
Microscopic Devices that Control Vibrations Could Allow Smaller Mobile Devices

December 13, 2018

To make modern communications possible, today’s mobile devices make use of components that use acoustic waves (vibrations) to…
One string to rule them all

April 17, 2018

EPFL scientists have engineered a tiny guitar string that vibrates 1 billion times when plucked.  They’d like to…
Researchers Discover New Method to Dissipate Heat in Electronic Devices

November 11, 2016

Controlling the flow of heat through semiconductor materials is an important challenge in developing smaller and faster computer…
Spiders spin unique phononic material

July 26, 2016

New discoveries about spider silk could inspire novel materials to manipulate sound and heat in the same way…
Unique phononic filter could revolutionize signal processing systems

January 13, 2016

A unique filtering technology that combines light and sound waves on a single chip is expected to better…
Project Uses Crowdsourced Computing to Improve Water Filtration

July 8, 2015

Nearly 800 million people worldwide don’t have access to safe drinking water, and some 2.5 billion people live…
Can Heat Be Controlled as Waves?

June 25, 2015

A growing interest in thermoelectric materials – which convert waste heat to electricity – and pressure to improve…
Hooked on Phonons: NIST-led Research Group Measures Graphene Vibrations

June 17, 2015

An international research group led by scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Center for…
A new tool measures the distance between phonon collisions

June 2, 2015

Today’s computer chips pack billions of tiny transistors onto a plate of silicon within the width of a…
Scientists use light to probe acoustic tuning in gold nanodisks

May 8, 2015

In a study that could open doors for new applications of photonics from molecular sensing to wireless communications,…
Phonons, arise! Small electric voltage alters conductivity in key materials

April 24, 2015

Modern research has found no simple, inexpensive way to alter a material’s thermal conductivity at room temperature. That…
Landmark study proves that magnets can control heat and sound

March 24, 2015

Researchers at The Ohio State University have discovered how to control heat with a magnetic field. In the March…
Thermal conductance can be controlled like waves using nanostructures

March 24, 2014

Thermal conduction is a familiar everyday phenomenon. In a hot sauna, for instance, you can sit comfortably on…
Crystals ripple in response to light: First propagating surface phonon polaritons in a van der Waals crystal

March 10, 2014

This image shows surface phonon polaritons launched by infrared light propagate across layers of hexagonal boron nitride, a…
Tiny tool measures heat at the nanoscale

February 27, 2014

How heat flows at the nanoscale can be very different than at larger scales. Understanding how surfaces affect…
Crossover Sound: Researchers Find Unambiguous Evidence for Coherent Phonons in Superlattices

February 6, 2014

We all learn in high school science about the dual nature of light – that it exists as…
Update: Fantastic Phonons: Blocking Sound, Channeling Heat With “Unprecedented Precision”

November 19, 2013

Imagine living on a bustling city block, but free from the noise of car horns and people on…
Fantastic phonons: Blocking sound, channeling heat with ‘unprecedented precision’

November 14, 2013

Martin Maldovan, of the Georgia Institute of Technology, has published a review article on phononics in Nature. Credit: Credit:…
Controllable Mode Competition in a Phonon Laser

November 13, 2013

Using a novel realization of a “phonon laser,” scientists at PML and the Joint Quantum Institute (JQI) have…
Advancing graphene for post-silicon computer logic: Researchers pioneer new approach for graphene logic circuits

September 4, 2013

A team of researchers from the University of California, Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering have solved a problem…
How to treat heat like light

January 11, 2013

New approach using nanoparticle alloys allows heat to be focused or reflected just like electromagnetic waves. An MIT…
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