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Bengali.AI Handwritten Grapheme Classification

December 31, 2019

Bengali is the 5th most spoken language in the world with hundreds of million of speakers. It’s the…
Seeing How Computers “Think” When Answering Questions Can Lead to More Intelligent Machines

August 8, 2019

A holy grail of artificial intelligence is to build machines that truly understand human language and can interpret…
Emotion recognition: a computer system that knows how you feel

July 26, 2019

Could a computer, at a glance, tell the difference between a joyful image and a depressing one? Could…
AI As Good or Better than Radiologists at Spotting Lung Cancer in CT Scans

May 21, 2019

A new report published in the journal Nature Medicine provides a glimpse into the future of artificial intelligence-assisted…
Researchers developed an intelligent system for lung cancer diagnostics

February 4, 2019

Researches from Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU), Russian Academic Excellence Initiative participant, in collaboration with the…
A Trained Eye Of A Radiologist

August 22, 2018

We humans are pros at category learning — the process by which we classify things, whether objects, concepts…
How Good a Match is It? Putting Statistics into Forensic Firearm Identification

February 8, 2018

On February 14, 1929, gunmen working for Al Capone disguised themselves as police officers, entered the warehouse of…
AI Based on the Mammalian Visual Cortex can Easily Solve CAPTCHAs

October 27, 2017

Over the years, computer algorithms have grown increasingly better at recognising patterns, which has allowed them to sucessfully…
Peering into neural networks

June 30, 2017

Neural networks, which learn to perform computational tasks by analyzing large sets of training data, are responsible for…
Research into “materials that compute” advances as engineers demonstrate system performs pattern recognition

September 5, 2016

The potential to develop “materials that compute” has taken another leap at the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School…
Amplifying small motions in large motions

June 17, 2015

For several years now, the research groups of MIT professors of computer science and engineering William Freeman and…
VIPTRON — the machine that could see and identify objects

April 8, 2015

It sat in storage for 50 years — a machine that could see and identify objects and patterns, the…
Images that fool computer vision raise security concerns

March 23, 2015

Computers are learning to recognize objects with near-human ability. But Cornell researchers have found that computers, like humans,…
Data-visualization tool identifies sources of aberrant results and recomputes visualizations without them

August 15, 2014

In the age of big data, visualization tools are vital. With a single glance at a graphic display,…
Researchers find patterns of neural activity in brain region that plays a role in recognizing traits

October 15, 2013

When you meet people for the first time, what’s the first thing you think you notice? Is it…
A neglected statistical tool could help robots better understand the objects in the world around them

October 7, 2013

Object recognition is one of the most widely studied problems in computer vision. But a robot that manipulates…
Teaching computers to see — by learning to see like computers

September 19, 2013

Object-recognition systems — software that tries to identify objects in digital images — typically rely on machine learning.…
Early brain responses to words predict developmental outcomes in children with autism

May 30, 2013

The pattern of brain responses to words in 2-year-old children with autism spectrum disorder predicted the youngsters’ linguistic,…
Can you guess what happened last?

April 23, 2013

We can often predict what people are going to do. But is it possible to guess what it…
Brain Wave Synchronization Key to Working Visual Memory

November 20, 2012

Short-term memories are stored as synchronized signals between 2 key brain hubs, according to a new study in…
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