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Organic/inorganic sulfur may be key for safe rechargeable lithium batteries

October 12, 2017

We have come a long way from leaky sulfur-acid automobile batteries, but modern lithium batteries still have some…
Not So Elementary

June 12, 2017

To anyone but a physicist, it sounds like something out of “Star Trek.” But lepton universality is a real…
High-resolution imaging with conventional microscopes

April 18, 2017

MIT researchers have developed a way to make extremely high-resolution images of tissue samples, at a fraction of…
Researchers observe heat exchange in an exotic material

April 18, 2017

In an article published in the journal Nature, physicists report the first ever observation of heat conductance in…
Update: Scientists set traps for atoms with single-particle precision

November 9, 2016

Atoms, photons, and other quantum particles are often capricious and finicky by nature; very rarely at a standstill,…
Trickling electrons

November 9, 2016

What would happen if an electric current no longer flowed, but trickled instead? This was the question investigated…
Controlling the properties of matter in two-dimensional crystals

November 5, 2016

By creating atomic chains in a two-dimensional crystal, researchers at Penn State believe they have found a way…
Scientists set traps for atoms with single-particle precision

November 5, 2016

Atoms, photons, and other quantum particles are often capricious and finicky by nature; very rarely at a standstill,…
Researchers road-test powerful method for studying singlet fission

October 18, 2016

In a new study, researchers measure the spin properties of electronic states produced in singlet fission – a…
Atomic-scale MRI holds promise for new drug discovery

October 13, 2016

Researchers at the University of Melbourne have developed a way to radically miniaturise a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)…
Water vapor sets some oxides aflutter

October 4, 2016

When one type of an oxide structure called perovskite is exposed to both water vapor and streams of…
Motion-directed robots on a micro scale

September 30, 2016

Phototactic behaviour directs some bacteria towards light and others into darkness: This enables them to utilize solar energy…
Algorithm could enable visible-light-based imaging for medical devices, autonomous vehicles

September 30, 2016

MIT researchers have developed a technique for recovering visual information from light that has scattered because of interactions…
Harnessing the possibilities of the nanoworld

September 30, 2016

Scientists have long suspected that the way materials behave on the nanoscale – that is when particles have…
New imaging method developed for lipid with many functions

September 29, 2016

An essential molecule in cells, called phosphatidic acid (PA), is at the center of a cellular biology mystery.…
Cancer killers: C dots show ability to induce cell death in tumors

September 27, 2016

Nanoparticles known as Cornell dots, or C dots, have shown great promise as a therapeutic tool in the…
For first time, researchers see individual atoms keep away from each other or bunch up as pairs

September 17, 2016

If you bottle up a gas and try to image its atoms using today’s most powerful microscopes, you…
International team makes fundamental physics breakthrough

August 31, 2016

An international team of researchers has, for the first time, discovered that in a very high magnetic field an…
Device to control ‘color’ of electrons in graphene path to future electronics

August 31, 2016

A device made of bilayer graphene, an atomically thin hexagonal arrangement of carbon atoms, provides experimental proof of…
New Electrical Energy Storage Material Shows Its Power

August 27, 2016

A powerful new material developed by Northwestern University chemist William Dichtel and his research team could one day speed…
Vortex rings may aid cell delivery, cell-free protein production

August 13, 2016

Some of the world’s most important discoveries – penicillin, vulcanized rubber and Velcro, to name a few –…
Microscope becomes gauge to measure forces within crystals

August 2, 2016

All materials found in nature – even the most “perfect” diamond – contain defects, since the atoms inside…
Tiny transformers: chemists create microscopic and malleable building blocks

July 22, 2016

Taking a page from Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels”, a team of scientists has created malleable and microscopic self-assembling…
Quantum logic with photons

July 14, 2016

Light particles completely ignore each other. In order that these particles can nevertheless switch each other when processing…
Reconfiguring active particles into dynamic patterns

July 13, 2016

From swarming bees to clustering bacteria colonies, nature stuns with its ability to self organize and perform collective,…
Phantom Majorana particles found in insulating magnets

July 6, 2016

University of Tokyo and Tokyo Institute of Technology researchers and their international collaborators have demonstrated by large-scale numerical…
Cereal science: how scientists inverted the Cheerios effect

June 17, 2016

The phenomenon of the famous breakfast cereal clumping together when floating in a milk bowl is known as…
Scientists Design Energy-Carrying Particles Called ‘Topological Plexcitons’

June 9, 2016

Scientists at UC San Diego, MIT and Harvard University have engineered “topological plexcitons,” energy-carrying particles that could help…
For cells, some shapes are easier to swallow than others

May 18, 2016

Cells take in small particles and other objects such as bacteria in a process called engulfment. Single-celled organisms…
Spotting hidden activity in cells

April 30, 2016

Inside every living cell, internal structures are continuously moving about. Under a microscope, organelles such as the nucleus,…
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