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Comets and Interstellar Objects Could be Exporting Earth Life Out into the Milky Way

October 21, 2019

For over a century, proponents of Panspermia have argued that life is distributed throughout our galaxy by comets,…
Interstellar Seeds Could Create Oases of Life

August 28, 2015

We only have one example of a planet with life: Earth. But within the next generation, it should…
Why Earth’s Spores Could Survive A Trip to Mars

May 13, 2014

Here’s a finding to give planetary protectionists pause: two species of spores mounted on the International Space Station’s…
Update: Lithopanspermia: How Earth May Have Seeded Life on Other Solar System Bodies

December 18, 2013

Note to readers: see our previous article on this topic here. With the recent discovery that Europa has geysers, and…
Material ejected after planetary impact could seed life on outer planets

November 12, 2013

The idea of seeding life from one planet to another – or so-called theory of panspermia – isn’t…
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