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Jaguar Land Rover had to 3D print a dog’s paw for their durability testing


Car manufacturers have to test the durability of their products. We do not use cars in pristine laboratories…
Audi is starting to use an overspray-free painting process – how is it going to help the environment?

November 18, 2019

Painting is a very important part of  car manufacturing process. A poor paint job will leave customers unsatisfied…
Nissan tests its cars’ paintjob with an indoors sun

January 2, 2019

Cars must be so durable. We drive them in winter, we drive them in summer, we drive them…
Why majority of the fire trucks in the world are red?

December 5, 2018

If we gave you a piece of paper and told you to draw a fire truck, which colours…
Audi started testing an overspray-free method, which saves energy, time and resources

July 2, 2018

Car painting process went through several revolutions. A hundred years ago cars used to be painted manually with…
You can’t be very tough in a bright yellow car – how people choose car colours and how car manufacturers predict that

May 20, 2017

You may not want to admit this, but car colour is extremely important. You would rather drive an…
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