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Despite less ozone pollution, not all plants benefit

5 days ago

Breathe easy: Concentrations of ozone in the air have decreased over large parts of the country in the…
Natural halogens buffer tropospheric ozone in a changing climate

January 21, 2020

Important greenhouse gas and source of toxic air pollution will be kept in check by natural chemicals released…
Decade of delay to Antarctic ozone hole recovery possible if unexpected emissions continue

December 20, 2019

Publishing in the journal Nature Communications their modeling study shows the recently discovered increase in emissions of trichlorofluoromethane…
Study finds rising ozone a hidden threat to corn

October 9, 2019

Like atmospheric methane and carbon dioxide, ground-level ozone is on the rise. But ozone, a noxious chemical byproduct…
Air pollution can accelerate lung disease as much as a pack a day of cigarettes

August 16, 2019

Air pollution — especially ozone air pollution which is increasing with climate change — accelerates the progression of…
Ice core data confirms increased tropospheric ozone levels since industrialization

June 14, 2019

Ozone near Earth’s surface is a powerful greenhouse gas that is a main component of urban pollution. In…
Old ice and snow yields tracer of preindustrial ozone

June 13, 2019

Using rare oxygen molecules trapped in air bubbles in old ice and snow, U.S. and French scientists have…
Study finds link between ambient ozone exposure, carotid wall thickness

May 29, 2019

Long-term exposure to ambient ozone appears to accelerate arterial conditions that progress into cardiovascular disease and stroke, according…
A new view of wintertime air pollution

May 10, 2019

The processes that create ozone pollution in the summer can also trigger the formation of wintertime air pollution,…
In pursuit of an instrument that could detect a methane-cleansing chemical in the atmosphere, a Goddard team discovered that its instrument was highly sensitive to ozone, a tropospheric pollutant. Here, Goddard instrument engineer Andrew Swanson and scientist Reem Hannun are shown with the instrument now slated for an aircraft campaign this summer. Credits: NASA/W. Hrybyk
NASA Instrument to More Accurately Measure Ozone Discovered by “Accident”

May 1, 2019

NASA research scientist Tom Hanisco set out to build an instrument capable of measuring a short-lived chemical that…
Image shows the Ozone (O3) injury symptoms on sensitive trees: (A) Ailanthus altissima, (B) Populus tomentosa, (C) Rhus typhina, (D) Ulmus pumila. Credit: Wuxing Wan / Environmental Pollution
Pollutants from wild fires affect crop and vegetation growth hundreds of kilometres from impact zone, research shows

December 27, 2018

The startling extent to which violent wild fires, similar to those that ravaged large swathes of California recently,…
New study finds chloroform emissions, on the rise in East Asia, could delay ozone recovery by up to eight years

December 21, 2018

Earlier this year, the United Nations announced that the ozone layer, which shields the Earth from the sun’s…
Study: Coal power plant regulations neglect a crucial pollutant

November 5, 2018

Cleaning up or replacing coal-fired power plants that lack sulfur pollution controls could help Texans breathe cleaner, healthier…
Location of large ‘mystery’ source of banned ozone depleting substance uncovered

November 2, 2018

The compound, carbon tetrachloride, contributes to the destruction of the Earth’s ozone layer, which protects us from harmful…
Increased UV from ozone depletion sterilizes trees

February 13, 2018

Pine trees become temporarily sterile when exposed to ultraviolet radiation as intense as some scientists believe the Earth…
NASA Sees First Direct Proof of Ozone Hole Recovery

January 5, 2018

For the first time, scientists have shown through direct observations of the ozone hole by a satellite instrument,…
Sentinel-5P brings air pollution into focus

December 4, 2017

Launched on 13 October, the Sentinel-5P satellite has delivered its first images of air pollution. Even though the…
NASA’s TSIS-1 Keeps an Eye on Sun’s Power Over Ozone

November 23, 2017

High in the atmosphere, above weather systems, is a layer of ozone gas. Ozone is Earth’s natural sunscreen,…
Warm Air Helped Make 2017 Ozone Hole Smallest Since 1988

November 4, 2017

Measurements from satellites this year showed the hole in Earth’s ozone layer that forms over Antarctica each September…
First SAGE III Atmospheric Data Released for Public Use

October 27, 2017

The first wave of atmospheric data from the Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment III (SAGE III), a NASA…
Ozone recovery may be delayed by unregulated chemicals

June 29, 2017

Recent increases in an unregulated ozone-depleting substance, could delay recovery of Antarctic ozone levels by 5–30 years, depending…
Ancient ozone levels provide a glimpse into future effects of climate change

June 19, 2017

As plants, animals, volcanoes, human beings, cars, and factories emit gases and particles into the atmosphere, invisible molecules…
Earth’s atmosphere more chemically reactive in cold climates

May 17, 2017

Unseen in the air around us are tiny molecules that drive the chemical cocktail of our atmosphere. As…
SAGE III Achieves First Light from Space Station Perch

March 20, 2017

On March 16, the scan head of the Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment III, or SAGE III, on…
Asian pollution, heat waves worsen US smog

March 3, 2017

An influx of pollution from Asia in the western United States and more frequent heat waves in the…
‘The blob’ of abnormal conditions boosted Western U.S. ozone levels

February 17, 2017

An unusually warm patch of seawater off the West Coast in late 2014 and 2015, nicknamed “the blob,”…
NASA Langley Ozone Sensor Set for Launch to Space Station

February 4, 2017

Brooke Thornton has devoted eight years to a project that aims to check on the atmospheric health of…
4 ways the ozone hole is linked to climate, and 1 way it isn’t

October 31, 2016

To mark the peak of ozone hole season, we’re highlighting four ways that climate and the ozone hole…
NASA CSI: On the Trail of a Hazy Global Killer

April 26, 2016

For more than three decades NASA has focused its space-faring skills and science chops CSI-like on an elusive…
Tropical Fires Fuel Elevated Ozone Levels Over Western Pacific Ocean

February 26, 2016

A diverse team of atmospheric chemists, meteorologists and modelers, including scientists from NASA, has traced the origins of…
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