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Elucidating the function of mammalian musk odor receptors

May 9, 2016

University of Tokyo researchers identified the olfactory receptors for musk odors in a range of mammals, and examined…
Approach or buzz off: Brain cells in fruit fly hold secret to individual odor preferences

October 7, 2015

Responding appropriately to the smell of food or the scent of danger can mean life or death to…
Chemists discover way nose perceives common class of odors

September 11, 2014

Image shows the mouse aldehyde receptor OR-I7 as a homology model with the gem-diol form of octanal. The…
Color-odor associations are not universal, scientists claim

July 11, 2014

Previous studies revealed that people tend associate particular odors with particular colors. For instance, it was demonstrated that…
Disgusting odorant increases politically conservative views on sex, study shows

May 7, 2014

Are conservative political attitudes driven by the feeling of disgust? Results of the recent study conducted by researchers…
Developing Our Sense of Smell

March 29, 2013

When our noses pick up a scent, whether the aroma of a sweet rose or the sweat of…
Biological transistor in the fly antenna

March 19, 2013

Highly developed antennae containing different types of olfactory receptors allow insects to use minute amounts of odors for…
An natural compound in male mouse urine attracts females

January 24, 2013

Odorants are detected by odorant receptors in the nose. Little is known about what kind of odorants each…
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