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NASA’s Greenland Mission Still Surprises in Year Four

March 15, 2019

Only seven months after NASA’s Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) mission wrapped its last field campaign on the world’s…
NASA Gets Up Close with Greenland’s Melting Ice

August 24, 2018

With a new research plane and a new base to improve its chances of outsmarting Atlantic hurricanes, NASA’s…
NASA Flights Map Summer Melt of Greenland Land Ice

September 9, 2017

Operation IceBridge is flying in Greenland to measure how much ice has melted over the course of the…
NASA Study Identifies New Pathway for Greenland Meltwater to Reach Ocean

February 17, 2017

Cracks in the Greenland Ice Sheet let one of its aquifers drain to the ocean, new NASA research…
NASA Releases New, Detailed Greenland Glacier Data

December 22, 2016

NASA’s Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) mission has released preliminary data on the heights of Greenland coastal glaciers from…
Historical Records May Underestimate Sea Level Rise

October 19, 2016

A new NASA and university study using NASA satellite data finds that tide gauges — the longest and…
New Maps Chart Greenland Glaciers’ Melting Risk

April 23, 2016

Many large glaciers in Greenland are at greater risk of melting from below than previously thought, according to…
In Greenland, Another Major Glacier Comes Undone

November 13, 2015

It’s big. It’s cold. And it’s melting into the world’s ocean. It’s Zachariae Isstrom, the latest in a…
NASA’s OMG Mission Maps Greenland’s Coastline

August 27, 2015

This summer, a refitted fishing boat is mapping the seafloor around Greenland as the first step in a…
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