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Open Images 2019 – Object Detection

July 15, 2019

Computer vision has advanced considerably but is still challenged in matching the precision of human perception. Open Images is…
Simple ‘smart’ glass reveals the future of artificial vision

July 9, 2019

The sophisticated technology that powers face recognition in many modern smartphones someday could receive a high-tech upgrade that…
Giving keener “electric eyesight” to autonomous vehicles

February 15, 2019

Autonomous vehicles relying on light-based image sensors often struggle to see through blinding conditions, such as fog. But…
New Platform that Enables Users to Create AI-based Image Recognition Models Without Writing Any Code

November 19, 2018

The cutting-edge platform will be invaluable to novice users and experts alike for image labeling and training of…
Machine-learning system tackles speech and object recognition, all at once

September 18, 2018

MIT computer scientists have developed a system that learns to identify objects within an image, based on a…
UG2 Prize Challenge

March 11, 2018

What is the current state-of-the art for image restoration and enhancement applied to images acquired under less than…
Stanford researchers develop technique to see objects hidden around corners

March 8, 2018

A driverless car is making its way through a winding neighborhood street, about to make a sharp turn…
Fishing App That Identifies Fish

December 22, 2016

If you not sure what fish you caught, just take a photo and the app will identify it…
System That Reads Road Signs

December 19, 2016

Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of road signs while driving in poor air conditions or heavy…
Security Wireless HD Camera

October 13, 2016

A wireless rechargable HD camera called the Arlo Pro is made for home security. It is wire-free, weatherproof and shoots…
Smart And Interactive Family Robot

March 4, 2016

Aido is a smart and interactive family robot. It can play with kids help with household chores and loads…
Object recognition for robots

July 24, 2015

John Leonard’s group in the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering specializes in SLAM, or simultaneous localization and mapping,…
A face in numbers

May 11, 2015

In the age of “big data”, technology companies are positioning themselves to allow humans the ability to more easily answer…
Object recognition for free

May 8, 2015

Object recognition — determining what objects are where in a digital image — is a central research topic…
Detecting human life with remote technology

April 27, 2015

Flinders engineering students Laith Al-Shimaysawee and Ali Al-Dabbagh have developed ground-breaking new technology for detecting human life using…
3D object model creation from regular images

February 24, 2015

A new product for rapid creation of 3D object models from regular images has been introduced yesterday by…
New algorithm could enable household robots to better identify objects in cluttered environments

January 13, 2015

For household robots ever to be practical, they’ll need to be able to recognize the objects they’re supposed…
In one aspect of vision, computers catch up to primate brain

December 19, 2014

For decades, neuroscientists have been trying to design computer networks that can mimic visual skills such as recognizing…
SentiBotics Mobile Robotics Development Kit

August 18, 2014

SentiBotics enables the rapid development and testing of mobile robots and comes with software, sample programs, a tracked…
Project Adam: a new deep-learning system

July 15, 2014

Imagine, if you could point your phone at a dog and ask it, “What kind of dog is…
Who did what? Techniques from natural-language processing enable computers to efficiently search video for actions

May 14, 2014

With the commodification of digital cameras, digital video has become so easy to produce that human beings can…
Smart object recognition algorithm doesn’t need humans

January 16, 2014

If we’ve learned anything from post-apocalyptic movies it’s that computers eventually become self-aware and try to eliminate humans.…
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