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Barfing Neutron Stars Reveal Their Inner Guts

April 25, 2019

We don’t really understand neutron stars. Oh, we know that they are – they’re the leftover remnants of…
New Nova Flares in Sagittarius – How to See it in Your Scope

October 2, 2015

A nova farmer would do well in the fields of Sagittarius. Four nights ago on September 27, Japanese amateur…
First Detection of Lithium from an Exploding Star

July 30, 2015

  The chemical element lithium has been found for the first time in material ejected by a nova.…
Solved: The Riddle of the Nova of 1670

June 4, 2015

It is a 17th century astronomical enigma that has persisted right up until modern times. On June 20, 1670,…
Unravelling the mystery of Nova Vul 1670

March 25, 2015

In 1670 a new star appeared in the sky, which could even be seen with the naked eye.…
Colliding stars explain enigmatic 17th century explosion

March 24, 2015

New observations made with APEX and other telescopes reveal that the star that European astronomers saw appear in…
Nova in Sagittarius Brighter Than Ever – Catch it with the Naked Eye!

March 23, 2015

Great news about that new nova in Sagittarius. It’s still climbing in brightness and now ranks as the brightest nova seen from mid-northern…
New Binocular Nova Discovered in Sagittarius

March 17, 2015

Looks like the Sagittarius Teapot’s got a new whistle. On March 15, John Seach of Chatsworth Island, NSW,…
New 3-D-Printed Models of Eta Carinae Reveal Hidden Features

January 8, 2015

In the constellation of Carina, lies the most luminous and mysterious star system within 10,000 light-years. The two…
From the mouths of … young fireballs

October 28, 2014

The first images of a nova during its early fireball stage–when it ejects material, and gases expand and…
Astronomers image the exploding fireball stage of a nova

October 27, 2014

Astronomers at Georgia State University’s Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy (CHARA) have observed the expanding thermonuclear fireball…
Radio Telescopes Help Astronomers Tune In To Nova Generated Gamma Rays

October 10, 2014

Over two years ago, the Fermi-LAT Collaboration observed an “ear and eye opening” event – the exact location…
Dead star shines on

October 10, 2014

A supernova is the cataclysmic death of a star, but it seems its remnants shine on. Astronomers have…
Astronomers see right into heart of exploding star

October 9, 2014

An international team of astronomers has been able to see into the heart of an exploding star, by…
Radio Telescopes Unravel Mystery of Nova Gamma Rays

October 9, 2014

Highly-detailed radio-telescope images have pinpointed the locations where a stellar explosion called a nova emitted gamma rays, the…
Zeroing in on a source of gamma rays

October 9, 2014

Gamma rays are the highest-energy form of radioactive waves known in the universe. However, how they’re made and…
Fermi Space Telescope Reveals New Source of Gamma Rays

August 1, 2014

Observations by NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope of several stellar eruptions, called novae, firmly establish these relatively common…
Possible Nova Pops in Cygnus

April 2, 2014

A newly-discovered star of magnitude +10.9 has flared to life in the constellation Cygnus the Swan. Koichi Nishiyama and Fujio…
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