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Researchers get ‘glimpse into a human mind’ as it makes choices in groups, social media

November 28, 2019

The choices we make in large group settings — such as in online forums and social media —…
New microscopy technique peers deep into the brain

April 18, 2019

In order to understand the brain, scientists must be able to see the brain—cell by cell, and moment…
UW-based center updates name to highlight role of ‘neurotechnologies’ in healing the brain and spinal cord

September 7, 2018

Building on seven years of research that helps patients with sensory and motor neurological disorders, the Center for…
Nonsurgical Neural Interfaces Could Significantly Expand Use of Neurotechnology

March 19, 2018

New program seeks high-resolution neural interfaces for use by able-bodied Service members Over the past two decades, the…
Bridging the Bio-Electronic Divide

January 23, 2016

A new DARPA program aims to develop an implantable neural interface able to provide unprecedented signal resolution and…
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