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How the Brain Learns New Skills

May 3, 2019

The human brain is “plastic”: it can adapt and rewire itself, often more easily when learning new things…
Engineering Researcher Explains why Time Seems to Fly as we get Older

March 21, 2019

“Why does it feel that the time passes faster as we get older? What is the physical basis…
Choices may be Predicted on the Basis of Neural Activity before we even become Aware of making Them

March 6, 2019

As neuroscience and cognitive science continue to make headway, the deeply felt and perfectly intuitive sense that we…
The Sophistication of the Human Brain Renders it more Prone to Disorders, Study Suggests

January 23, 2019

A new research paper by Prof Rony Paz of the Weizmann Institute of Science and his colleagues, published…
Understanding Ourselves Through Neuroimaging and Algorithms

December 14, 2017

Combining neuroscience with algorithms and network science, Yale researchers have developed a method of analyzing the neuronal connections…
Bear or chipmunk? Engineer finds how brain encodes sounds

November 13, 2017

When you are out in the woods and hear a cracking sound, your brain needs to process quickly…
New tool offers snapshots of neuron activity

June 27, 2017

Many cognitive processes, such as decision-making, take place within seconds or minutes. Neuroscientists have longed to capture neuron…
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