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Cause of rare, fatal disorder in young children pinpointed


Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis appear to have solved a decades-long mystery regarding…
Enhancing the way epilepsy is managed by engaging community pharmacists

5 days ago

The University of Washington’s School of Pharmacy announced on Thursday, Sept. 12, a collaboration with global biopharmaceutical company…
Efffects of drug abuse on HIV disease under the microscope

July 29, 2019

It’s been 36 years since HIV — the virus that causes AIDS — was discovered by scientists. Since…
How to consider nature’s impact on mental health in city plans

July 25, 2019

Almost one in five adults in the U.S. lives with a mental illness. That statistic is similar worldwide, with an estimated…
Virtual reality could be used to recalibrate the perception of time

March 29, 2019

Virtual Reality (VR) has a million different uses. For some it is a perfect gaming media and for…
Researchers explore link between metal exposure and Parkinson’s symptoms

March 15, 2019

A new study from Iowa State University biomedical researchers illuminates the biological processes by which exposure to some…
Study finds Ebola survivors in Liberia face ongoing health issues

March 12, 2019

Survivors of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Liberia had a higher prevalence of certain health issues — including…
A Neuroenvironmental Connection

January 26, 2019

Both genes and the environment shape a person’s risk of disease, but while genes are frequently cataloged, perturbed,…
Wireless ‘pacemaker for the brain’ could be new standard treatment for neurological disorders

January 2, 2019

A new neurostimulator developed by engineers at UC Berkeley can listen to and stimulate electric current in the…
New knowledge on how neurons talk to muscles

October 3, 2018

The ability to move deliberately is essential to the survival of all animal life, and is based on…
Finding patterns in a class of neurological disorders

September 12, 2018

A research team led by Jennifer E. Phillips-Cremins, in Penn Engineering’s Department of Bioengineering and in the Perelman School of Medicine’s Department…
Function of gene mutations linked to neurological diseases identified

August 14, 2018

Several gene mutations have been linked to Parkinson’s disease, but exactly how and where some of them cause…
Study finds Ebola survivors suffer from severe neurological problems

July 13, 2018

Researchers have shed new light on the psychiatric and neurological problems that Ebola survivors can suffer from, and…
Vitamin D does not protect people from brain-related disorders

July 11, 2018

Dementia is a hugely debilitating condition, taking its toll on aging people and their families. Humans value their…
Fish’s use of electricity might shed light on human illnesses

June 29, 2018

Deep in the night in muddy African rivers, a fish uses electrical charges to sense the world around…
Zebrafish lab provides insights into diseases of the nervous system

June 14, 2018

I’m fascinated with unanswered questions,” University of Virginia developmental biology professor Sarah Kucenas said. “I like the challenge…
ALS researchers begin recreating human spinal cords on a chip

May 2, 2018

Aided by advanced stem cell technology and tissue chips, National Institutes of Health-funded researchers used stem cells originally…
Brain scans may help diagnose neurological, psychiatric disorders

April 25, 2018

There are no laboratory tests to diagnose migraines, depression, bipolar disorder and many other ailments of the brain.…
Football Scuffles, Auto Injuries May Raise Risk for Parkinson’s

April 23, 2018

A rear-ender in which the driver’s head slams against the steering wheel or a helmet-to-helmet tussle with an…
Genes in songbirds hold clues about human speech disorders

March 28, 2018

Insights into how songbirds learn to sing provide promising clues about human speech disorders and may lead to…
Compound prevents neurological damage, shows cognitive benefits in mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

February 12, 2018

The supplement nicotinamide riboside (NR) – a form of vitamin B3 – prevented neurological damage and improved cognitive…
Waisman research into rare syndrome offers hope for families

January 15, 2018

Laurel Cooper is 8 years old and full of sass and spunk. She finds it hilarious when her…
Progress made toward treatment for rare, fatal neurological disease

December 20, 2017

After more than a decade of work, researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Waisman Center reported promising results in the…
Exercising could speed up the recovery after brain trauma

November 22, 2017

We could talk for hours about the benefits of exercising and yet there would be so much more…
Data and Technology Drive New Approaches to Parkinson’s Care, Research

October 25, 2017

Complex, multi-system diseases like Parkinson’s have long posed challenges to both scientists and physicians.  University of Rochester Medical…
Brain’s network may provide insights into neurological disorders

July 10, 2017

A deeper understanding of the brain’s connectivity network of neurons and its relationship to the organ’s deep tissue…
Brain signals deliver first targeted treatment for world’s most common movement disorder

June 29, 2017

Essential tremor is the world’s most common movement disorder, affecting an estimated 7 million people in the U.S.…
Have you thanked your brain’s astrocytes today?

June 26, 2017

Virginia Tech engineers are forging new computational tools to shed light on the role of vitally important cells…
Drug combo combats stroke, researchers find

June 1, 2017

A combination of existing drugs can ease symptoms of a cerebrovascular disorder that in severe cases can lead…
Natural experiment, dogged investigation, yield clue to devastating neurological disease

April 21, 2017

After a 29-year quest, Ian Duncan, a professor of veterinary medicine at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, has finally…
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