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Image credit: tiburi via Pixabay (Pixabay licence)
In Mice, Alcohol Dependence Results in Brain-Wide Remodeling of Functional Architecture

2 days ago

Employing advanced technologies that allow whole brain imaging at single-cell resolution, researchers at University of California San Diego…
A molecular map of the brain’s decision-making area

December 27, 2019

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have come one step closer toward understanding how the part of our brain that…
Cells in the Drosophila optical system. Credit: Zinn laboratory
Protein Signposts Guide Formation of Neural Connections

December 23, 2019

The brain’s complex tangle of interconnected nerve cells processes visual images, recalls memories, controls motor function, and coordinates…
Study reveals mysteries of critical brain receptor complex

December 9, 2019

Glutamate receptors in the brain called AMPARs are critical for synaptic plasticity, learning, and memory. Poorly functioning AMPARs…
Failure of the molecular bodyguard in Parkinson’s disease

December 5, 2019

Scientists from ETH Zurich and the University of Basel’s Biozentrum have shown that chaperone proteins dynamically bind to…
A common drug could help restore limb function after spinal cord injury

December 4, 2019

Long-term treatment with gabapentin, a commonly prescribed drug for nerve pain, could help restore upper limb function after…
Babies in the womb may see more than we thought

November 26, 2019

By the second trimester, long before a baby’s eyes can see images, they can detect light. But the…
New method visualizes groups of neurons as they compute

October 14, 2019

Using a fluorescent probe that lights up when brain cells are electrically active, MIT and Boston University researchers…
UVA Identifies surprising contributor to multiple sclerosis

October 9, 2019

Cells that scientists have largely ignored when studying multiple sclerosis are actually key contributors to MS development, new…
Turbo-charging the discovery process

October 7, 2019

Many scientists spend their lives conducting tests on a single gene but, in their quest to develop a…
Brain tumors form synapses with healthy neurons, Stanford-led study finds

September 20, 2019

Scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine have shown for the first time that severe brain cancers integrate into…
Discovery concerning the nervous system overturns a previous theory

September 13, 2019

It appears that when our nervous system is developing, only the most viable neurons survive, while immature neurons…
Parkinson’s disease may originate in the intestines

September 4, 2019

In 2003, a German neuropathologist proposed that Parkinson’s disease, which attacks the brain, actually might originate from the…
Smoldering spots in the brain may signal severe MS

August 13, 2019

Aided by a high-powered brain scanner and a 3D printer, NIH researchers peered inside the brains of hundreds…
Neuroscientists discover neuron type that acts as brain’s metronome

July 23, 2019

By measuring the fast electrical spikes of individual neurons in the touch region of the brain, Brown University…
Gene Switches for Brain Inflammation

July 15, 2019

A new study by Harvard Medical School scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital is offering clues about how to…
Artificial intelligence learns to recognize nerve cells by their appearance

July 3, 2019

Is it possible to understand the brain? Science is still far from answering this question. However, since researchers…
A molecular link between memory and pain

July 3, 2019

Sortilin, which is a receptor expressed on the surface of nerve cells, plays a central role in memory…
Molecular Cartography

July 1, 2019

The choreography of communication between nerve cells in the brain is exquisitely controlled by synapses, the specialized junctions…
A newly discovered mechanism reveals how Parkinson’s disease can spread

May 28, 2019

Tiny channels between nerve cells are involved in a newly discovered mechanism of how Parkinson’s disease can spread…
Fooling nerve cells into acting normal

May 10, 2019

Nerve cells, or neurons — specifically the “workhorse cells” involved in walking, breathing and chewing — can adjust…
Neurons: More than a Courier

February 15, 2019

As far as cells go, neurons are pretty weird. Most other cells come in spherical blob-like shapes with…
Fight or flight: Serotonin neurons prompt brain to make the right call

February 5, 2019

Known for its role in relieving depression, the neurochemical serotonin may also help the brain execute instantaneous, appropriate…
Bees can count with just four nerve cells in their brains

December 27, 2018

In order to understand how bees count, the researchers simulated a very simple miniature ‘brain’ on a computer…
Elderly man. Image credit: Pixnio, CC0 Public Domain
Decoding the Mystery of the Super-Ager

December 27, 2018

It was the kind of case no traditional medical textbook could explain. The subject – let’s call him…
Surprising discovery about neurons, our irreplaceable nerve cells

November 29, 2018

Meticulous new research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine has changed a well-accepted scientific belief about…
Bipolar structure for nerve cell migration

November 6, 2018

The cerebral cortex is responsible for a large number of complex brain functions, ranging from the perception of…
Electrical properties of dendrites help explain our brain’s unique computing power

October 19, 2018

Neurons in the human brain receive electrical signals from thousands of other cells, and long neural extensions called…
New knowledge on how neurons talk to muscles

October 3, 2018

The ability to move deliberately is essential to the survival of all animal life, and is based on…
Study provides an early recipe for rewiring spinal cords

September 7, 2018

For many years, researchers have thought that the scar that forms after a spinal cord injury actively prevents…
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